10 Best Easy Movie Makers in 2021

Windows Movie Maker is perhaps the world’s most popular video editor. It’s extremely simple to create videos using this tool, and the learning curve too isn’t very steep. However, this simple filmmaker is not accessible anymore.

According to its Wikipedia page, Microsoft deleted the installation file from its website in 2017. You must thus discover a better alternative to Windows Movie Maker to produce stunning movies.

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Although there are numerous movie makers available in the market today, it’s perhaps in your best interest to take a test drive of several platforms before settling on a platform of choice.

Here’s a selection of 10 excellent moviemakers that allow you to produce amazing-looking videos that are a treat to watch. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Movie Makers in 2021

1. InVideo

InVideo enables creators to craft amazing-looking movies, without requiring the end-user to have technical expertise in video editing. It has emerged as one of the finest video creation platforms in recent days owing to its expansive and easy-to-use feature set.

This online movie maker offers professional-grade features to craft appealing videos that are integrated into a seamless and intuitive interface. It has a rich collection of 4000+ video templates and thousands of stock media elements to bring any project to life.

2. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is perhaps the best free program for video editors, as its powerful style appeals to novice movie creators who want to add a specific touch to a personal event or create a video blog.

The tool perfectly complements the skill sets and requirements of novice video creators. The newest version, Hitfilm Express 2021, has a variety of improvements, including physical, 3D, bespoke Light Flares, built-in voice recorders, etc.

3. iMovie

For those video creators who wish to edit videos on their Mac system, this movie editing program is an obvious option. iMovie supports a wide variety of video file types, including 4K quality videos.

It comes with a fast and easy procedure to import movies onto the platform or arrange the video clips on the platforms’ editing timeline which enables almost anyone to get started with video editing.

4. Filmora CC

You may build a stunning narrative in no time when crafting a movie using Filmora CC. This program enables you to import images or videos in just a few minutes. Additionally, more than a hundred audio clips are accessible to you for free in the tool.

It also includes a huge collection of effects and transition libraries with a variety of musical effects that you can utilize to build a perfect movie.


The program features a very simple-to-use movie editing interface. The program saves your work automatically, so you don’t need to worry if you have forgotten to save it.

It allows you to import video in no time from other devices such as a tablet or video camera, or even a smartphone. And after the fundamental video editing chores are done, you can start producing opening titles by adding filters to clips to produce a PIP effect.

6. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a free video editor that allows you to edit films at various levels. After logging onto the site, you may either start creating a movie using the videos you recorded or take pre-existing footage as a reference.

You may also build transitions in your video to open titles, and in just a few clicks modify the credits roll of your video. Perhaps the only limitation is the fact that you can only export your finished file in 480p quality with the free plan of the program.

7. Avidemux

Avidemux is the ideal option for you if you just use a movie maker for simple video editing chores. This easy-to-use filmmaker offers several export choices that assist you. Avidemux is available under the GNU GPL license for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.


VSDC features a hybrid style with controls for video project building and editing, as well as connections to instructional films that are of great assistance while navigating its interface.

VSDC is a nonlinear editor which offers more freedom while editing, but also implies that there is a greater learning curve than the conventional software for video editing.

VSDC is not terrible for simple changes but has a learning curve in its UI and several very common functions are missing. VSDC is also a software that is Windows-only.

9. Shotcut

Shotcut is an open-source, free Windows, Mac, and Linux cross-platform video editor which works with many video resolutions and exotic codecs.

The Shotcut platform invites prosumers and enthusiastic filmmakers with its extensive format support and extensive audio and video effects and editing functions.

However, there may be a little bit of a learning curve for beginner users, and it is not simple to post movies on major social networking sites.

10. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is the finest free program for video editors who are more sophisticated. For this tool, you need a machine with discrete graphics to get the most from this video editor, a strong cross-platform software at the pro-level.

The newest DaVinci version features a significant update to Fairlight, the workspace for audio editing, and allows free users to collaborate on a project at the same time—a feature previously accessible only to those using a premium edition.

In the previous editions, face recognition, quick export to YouTube and Vimeo, and 3D audio capabilities were also added.


There are several free filmmakers for basic film editing needs that may perfectly meet your expectations. But if you want to create a large film with many more clips and effects, these platforms will provide you with all you need to explore the depths of the movie-making domain.

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