10 footballers who make Dani Alves look young


When Roger Milla played and scored a goal in the USA World Cup, he was 42 years old. The Cameroonian footballer seemed to defy all logic, which has taken him by storm over the years. It’s been 30 years and it’s no longer strange that there are players around 40 and some who have directly surpassed it quite a bit, like Japan’s Miura or Uruguay’s Abreu.

When Dani Alves (6/5/1983) returned with Barcelona in January, he would become the oldest footballer to defend the Blaugrana shirt, at 38 years and around 8 months old. But the Brazilian full-back would be the grandfather of the English Premier League, the Bundesliga and the First Division among the field’s players, to the exclusion of goalkeepers, who need agility and reflexes but tend to have a longer career.

In the same way, if Alves does well and ends up at the World Cup in Qatar, which takes place between November and December 2022 – he will be 39 years and 6 months old, he will be able to position himself as the oldest. A footballer wore a canarinha, and he removed Djalma Santos, only with him he played one minute on time.

However, there were still many elites who surpassed him in longevity. These footballers looked like a kid despite their 38 studs.

40 years and three months

1 – Joaquin (Betis)

Of the five major leagues in Europe, Betic Joaquín is the oldest. The skilled winger has not yet started in the league, in which he played for 8 minutes, but was in the Pellegrini squad in the European League. Verdeblanco’s idol, he returned to Villamarín in 2015 after nine seasons (Valencia, Malaga, Fiorentina) and is still there.

40 years and a month

2- Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan).

The Swedish striker from MLS is no longer only in the United States, but also back in the national team. Thanks to their participation (3 goals) and the momentum of their victories, Milan after a long time struggle to win the First Division. In the Champions League, on the other hand, they have not scored since 2016.

Jorge Molina, in a match with Granada in La Liga 21-22

Miguel Angel Molina / EFE

39 years and six months

3 – Jorge Molina (Granada)

Another striker with many gallons. In his case, he did not step on the first class until he was 29 years old, as well as with Betis. In 2016, he went to Getafe for Second but immediately returned to the elite. Madrid are one of their favorite victims (with 6 goals) but they also upset Barcelona last season with Granada at the Camp Nou.

38 years and ten months

4- Fabio Quagliarella (Sampdoria)

Italian genetics has given us great soccer marathon players. From Carboni to Maldini, passing through Di Natalie and Totti. Quagliarella turns 39 in January and plays for Sampdoria. He was always a top scorer but at the age of 36 he went to 26 nets.


Baby Robinson elbow in Ireland and Portugal


38 years and eight months

5 – Baby (Porto)

The former Real Madrid centre-back has regained his vitality upon his return to Porto, sporting thick, curly hair. not now. He’s always been a quick defense but placement is one of his strengths. Sparks flew into his duels with Alves, such as when he was sent off in the Champions League semi-finals at the Bernabeu. Seems to have been renovated until last November 11 and saw red in Ireland and Portugal again.

38 years and seven months

6- Franck Ribery (Salerno)

The winger made a fearsome pairing with Robben at Bayern, where he played 12 seasons. While the Dutchman was still playing last year in Groningen, the Frenchman has already spent three years at Calcium, now at Salernitana. His 2006 World Cup teammates, such as Zidane, Henry or Feria, have long been jumping off the bench and he keeps running around the squad.

40 years and eight months

7- Lucas Ventra (Lamia)

In a less demanding league (no matter how hot) like Greece there is a bigger defender than Joaquin. Lucas Ventra, right-back, spent three seasons at Levante between 2012 and 2015 and was already a veteran. The former Panathinaikos player is still playing with the humble Lamia.


Sand tackles Dani Alves from behind in the Copa Libertadores 2020


41 years and three months

8- Jose Sand (Lanos)

In Argentina, in Atlético Tucuman, goalkeeper Luchetti has played this season for 43 years. In two matches, 41-year-old Jose Sand scored three goals, and the 40-year-old won the duel. The striker spent a few months at Deportivo in 2011 and his long career took him to Boca, Mexico, Colombia and even the United Arab Emirates.

Maxi Rodriguez and Rafa Benitez pose in front of the media

Maxi Rodriguez when he signed for Liverpool in 2009


40 years and 10 months

9- Maxi Rodriguez (Newells)

He arrived in Espanyol in 2002 and was a promising 41-year-old in January. The midfielder has become a benchmark for the leprosy side Rosario, making a comeback in 2012 having also played for Atletico and Liverpool.

40 years and a month

10.- Baby (Vasco da Gama)

Another former Spaniard is the oldest in Brazil. He recently moved from Fluminense to Vasco da Gama, where he has already scored four goals. The midfielder also went through Mallorca, Alaves and Celta. And he played with Paris Saint-Germain in conjunction with the arrival of the Qatari Sheikh. It was the tenth until the stars started arriving.

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