2024 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 premiere
The book discussed other issues such as the voice of Shadow and Amy Rose.

Sonic has confirmed a third Paramount Pictures film, one that’s already beginning to talk about its release window.

Pat Casey and Josh Miller, authors of the first two Blue Hedgehog films, were present at KCC Comic Con 2022, providing at this celebration a round-up of questions and answers about what will be Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

For starters, the writing duo mentioned that plans are for the big-screen Sonic trilogy to be completed. Sometime in 2024Thus maintaining a two-year rhythm between the films as it happened between them sonic the hedgehog 1 s two.

On the other hand, it was mentioned, as with Knuckles, for the character Shade looking for famous hollywood actor So he’s the one giving a voice to who’s going to be the villain in principle in the third movie.

Casey and Miller also touched on other topics such as admitting that they are very familiar with Sonic fans’ desires to hear a song from the band in the movies. crush 40a group that has composed various soundtracks for the hedgehog games.

In the end, the possibility of seeing participation in the cinema was left open. Amy Rosealthough not going into further details due to confidentiality contracts.

After a huge success in theaters, sonic the hedgehog 2 Already available on Paramount+ and starting August 9 in home formats.

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