3 Fat Burners You Can Do If You Hate Burpees Too

The Burpee can give results But no one knows that it is the work of the devil, and there are many More exercises to burn fat What can be done, what You will hate it much less And that, in addition, they can Be more effective.

and that is Nobody likes doing burpees. You may wear a good face in front of your coach or your buddies at the gym, but on the inside you remember every swearing word in Spanish and dedicate it to exercising.

But what if there is no need to continue with them? According to the fitness experts at men’s health, exist 3 fat burning exercises that are the most effective, less difficult, And above all, it makes you own Less likely to injure you.

The latter is the number one reason why they advise making a change in training and eliminating Burpees, because if you are just starting out or if you still do not have the necessary strength and control to do this stepIt is very likely that you will end up with an injury wrists, shoulders or back. In case you need more excuses to remove this exercise from your life.

Alternatively, you can add these three movements to your routine, either one every day, and all in the same exercise, it all depends on your physical condition. What I confirmed is that It will strengthen the core Like never before, you’ll improve your balance and leave happier from the gym. So the goal

  • Squat jump (as many reps as you think you need)
  • Bear Crawl or Bear Step: 3 sets x 40sec + 20sec rest
  • Cardio row: 3 sets x 40 seconds, 20 seconds rest

With the exception of the rowing exercise, which requires the use of a machine in the gym, the other two movements are perfect for you to continue your routine while you are on vacation, as they only require some space and your body weight. so You can add a few squats, indispensable According to the coach without SalahuddinAnd the This will help you get more defined abs, finally.

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