33 dead in anti-Monosco protests

Protests against the presence of the United Nations Blue Helmets mission (MONUSCO) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have left 33 people dead.

The demonstrations began two weeks ago and continued with attacks and looting of some United Nations facilities in Goma before spreading to other locations.

The United Nations justified the killing of three civilians in another incident on Sunday, July 31, when MONUSCO soldiers were attacked and had to shoot at a border post with Uganda.

“The special committee headed by the Minister of the Interior refers in its report to the calculation of the human losses, which amounted to 36 dead,” said the Congolese government spokesman, Patrick Moya.

According to Moaya, a government commission in Kinshasa held talks with various civil society actors from Goma and Butembo and “the population expressed a clear demand: see Monusco leave the DRC”.

Reaction of the President of the Republic of the Congo

Meanwhile, the President of that country, Felix Tshisekedi, held a conversation on Monday with the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to address this crisis and the latter had expressed his “outrage” at the events on the border with Uganda.

The meeting was attended by the Speakers of the Houses of Parliament, the Prime Minister, officials from the Interior and Foreign Affairs and other ministers. For his part, UN Secretary-General António Guterres stressed in the strongest terms the need to assign responsibilities for these events.

In addition, he welcomed the decision of his Special Representative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to arrest the MONUSCO personnel involved in the incident and to immediately open an investigation.

The United Nations has established contacts with the country of origin of the personnel concerned, with the aim of promptly starting judicial proceedings with the participation of victims and witnesses so that corresponding penalties may be issued.

Main news source: The third information

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