5 Android Tricks That Few Know About

5 Android Tricks That Few Know About

Even though you spend several hours a day on a file cell phone, you may still not know him at all. You are Android cell phone It can hide many tools that you are still unaware of, but once you are familiar with it, it will allow you to have a better experience with smart phone.

Android who is he Operating systems The most widely used all over the world, because it has many functions and tools that improve the user experience.

However, not everyone can benefit from smart phone Since most of the time they scan your phone only superficially, without knowing the other functions behind it.

Therefore, in suffocation We have prepared this note where we will show you five tricks Android Very few know it and it will allow you to make the most of the tools you have cell phone For a better experience.

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Get more speed

The first trick that we show you will help you get more speed in smart phone No need to download any Application.

Everything is done through the settings, so you have to enter an option Adjust Once inside you have to go down to the end where it says about the phone.

There you must enter information software then to complete the numberYou will have to press it repeatedly until it asks for an unlock code, enter it and then go back and find the option that says Developer options.

Look for the option that says Window animation scaleBy default, it will show that the speed is 1X, you should change it to 0.5X so that all the actions you perform on your cell phone will be faster.

dump RAM

When RAM It becomes saturated, your cell phone may start presenting some errors, such as slowing down or not launching some applications as we would like. Given this, you have to free up RAM and you can do that just by following a few steps.

just go to Adjust And look for the option that says memory Or in other cases it will appear as storage. In one of the options it will appear Delete RAMselect this option and accept the action, it may take a few minutes depending on how you store a file memory.

And voila, once RAM The cell phone will have more space as well as it will operate in a more flexible manner.

Anchor windows

This trick will allow you to restrict access to some apps so that people outside you cannot access them. Activating this option is very simple, for this you have to go to the settings and look for the option that says so Anchor windowsOnce you find it, activate this option.

Later, choose the app you want to install, and hold it down until it appears among one of the options anchor window. When selected, the cell phone will not allow you to leave a file Application.

To deactivate this option, you must simultaneously press and hold the “back” arrow with the “last” button in the middle of the smartphone, this will take you to the main screen and will ask you pin Unlock. Put it on and again you will be able to access all the applications on your cell phone.

Enhance your keyboard with Gboard

more than cell phone New apps already have this app pre-installed on their mobile keyboard, but if this is not your case, you can go to google apps And search for it as Gboard, the app from The Google.

This tool will allow you to make the most of your smartphone keyboard, for example, you can choose from a large number of languages ​​so that your keyboard can type in Languages what do you need. It can also translate what you type on the keyboard at the same time.

Similarly, with this tool, you can activate a file phonetic dictation So you don’t have to type anything manually.

Or you can also access the clipboard where everything you copied before is stored. In fact, there are many options that it offers, you just have to choose the ones that best suit your needs. Need.

Locate your cell phone with Google

One of the best features it has Android is that you can locate your cell phone if it is lost or stolen.

To do this, all you have to do is activate your account. The Google on your phone and remember the email as well as the password.

To locate your cell phone, you must enter The Google From another cell phone or from your computer, then log in and go to Manage your account The Google.

Once in, click on Security and then on Your Hardwarethen choose Find a device.

It will automatically send you to a file a map Where was your cell phone last tracked, it will also tell you when it was last Contact and ratio drums.

Similarly, you can make a file device Make a sound to let you know if it’s nearby or you can post a message if someone else finds it.

On the other hand, if you cell phone It has been stolen, you can delete all your data from there and Bloc for you cell phone So no one else can access it.

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