7 Best Mobile Video Acceleration Apps

7 Best Mobile Video Acceleration Apps


Speed ​​up your videos without being a video editing expert with these 7 great apps.

With TikTok and Instagram Reels It is very important to know how to edit videos if you want to stand out on social mediaso new messages appear every day Applications that allow you to edit videos from your mobile in a professional way. Some of these apps allow you to make almost any editing to a video, and Others specialize in a particular job For people not interested in many options.

One of these functions most requested by users is the ability to speed up the video to reduce the tutorial time or simply to achieve a more pleasant result, for this reason, in this article we will show you 7 Best Mobile Video Acceleration Apps.

Best apps to speed up your videos

Best apps to speed up mobile videos

fast movement

Fast Motion App

One of the best apps to speed up videos

We start our list with One of the most popular video acceleration apps that you can find on Play Store. Fast Motion has earned its place among the best apps to speed up videos with more than 30 available speeds that give you the end result just as you want it.

In addition to being able to adjust the speed of your videos, you can also You can cut it, add filters, and even add musicIn spite of Add background music to your videosWe have a complete list of applications.

Video Speed ​​Changer

Video speed changer app

With this app, you can put multiple speeds in the same video

the app that It allows you to speed up a video up to 2X or slow down 0.5X if you want to make a Slow Motion effect. You can easily create your videos in the background, i.e. once you have finished customizing them, press save, and keep using your mobile until the app notifies you that the process is over.

Thanks for your preview, You can review every modification you made before saving the entire project.

slow motion camera

slow motion camera app

A very complete video editing app

This application is very complete, as it allows you to choose your video playback speed in each section that you can select for yourself by the points you place throughout the video. In each of these parts You can adjust the speed to your likingalso You can separate the video from the audio to add background music and achieve a unique result.

vn video editor

This app can compete with any professional desktop video editor, plus it is so easy to use that you don’t need any prior knowledge to get great results on your videos. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, this app will suit your needs.

In addition to adjusting the speed of your videos, you can also add music, write different phrases throughout the video, and apply filters, among many other options.

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cut freeze time

Cut off application time freeze

The fastest app to change the speed of your videos

Thinking of making a fast motion video without having to watch a full tutorial? Then Time Freeze Cut is the app you are looking for.

This app is a powerful and professional video editor Which allows you to change the frame rate or speed of the video using motion technology. You can increase the frame rate for regular videos to 60, 120 and 240 fps. cut freeze time Supports videos from 1 to 240 fpsthat is, videos captured by drone cameras, smartphones, and professionals of all kinds.


Application effect

App Effectum contains beautiful filters and fun stickers

The application allows you to create videos with parts in the format Fast or slow motion or even run in reversewhich allows you to create very funny and original videos.

count by one Large catalog of music without copyrightfilters, stickers and everything you need to customize your videos.


Finally we have FilmoraGo, if you’ve ever tried to edit a video from your computer, you’ve very likely heard of it. Filmora, one of the best video editing software for desktopOn a mobile phone, the quality remains the same Professional Video Editor.

With this app, you will be able to make videos with photos or join several recordings, add filters and stickers, add custom texts, music, visual effects, transitions, and of course, Control video speed as you like.

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