A former Nintendo employee talks about the company’s long-standing relationship with EVO

We found out thanks to Nintendo Life A new chapter of our friends’ Kit & Krysta show who are they talking about Nintendo Experiences at EVOThe famous fighting game tournament that takes place every year in the United States.

Could you Take a look at this video Below, we leave you some quotes extracted from it by Kit:

We ended that meeting… we felt really good, we came back and started making it more formal… Once we got into that game we really supported each other and it really turned into a multi-year relationship between Nintendo and EVO…

I was only there for a year…and then the folks at Nintendo said to me, “Wow, you solved this thing,” “Do you want to be the leader of this in the future?” And I said, “Sure.” So I passed it on to someone at Treehouse, who’s been into competitive play a lot, and I was really glad I wasn’t interested in that anymore. [risas].

So it’s one of those things where I don’t know why I was involved, but I’m glad I was able to solve this thing and it never exploded in our faces again.

Currently, Kit and Krysta no longer work on Nintendos The company no longer participates in EVO, which is now owned by Sony. Without a doubt, it is Curious to know how times changeRight?


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