A healthy diet during lactation is able to prevent metabolic changes in the offspring

carry one Healthy diet while breastfeeding Manages to normalize the fat content of milk and Preventing metabolic disorders in the offspring. These are data from a study conducted by the Obesity and Nutrition Division of the Network’s Biomedical Research Center (CIBEROBN). The research was published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research.

We sought through this study An evaluation in an animal model if normalization of the mother’s diet during lactation prevents the adverse effects induced by consumption of an obese diet. Before and during pregnancy they exercise “lipids” or lipids (a group of hundreds of fats) in breast milk and plasma of the offspring, finding that it is possible to do so.

Reverse pregnancy side effects

These new ideas are relevant because they show it The resumption of a healthy diet for the mother during lactation can prevent, at least in part, Metabolic disorders caused by malnutrition and obesity during the prenatal stages.

In addition, previous intervention studies in animal models have shown that ingestion of the obese diet during the perinatal period affects mammary gland function, and thus milk formation. This means that these modifications can “program” offspring to have a greater tendency to develop chronic diseases in adulthood.

Intervention during breastfeeding

In light of this, the researchers considered it “interesting” to study possible intervention strategies during the breastfeeding period to prevent the harmful effects caused by An unbalanced diet for the mother during pregnancyor even before.

To do this, they implemented a lipid profile analysis To identify alterations in said profile that could be involved with the offspring’s risk of disease later in life. They also analyzed the plasma lipid profile of the youngsters in the last stage of lactation.

The results of this study showed that maternal consumption of an obesity-inducing diet throughout the perinatal period (specifically, from 1 month before conception and during pregnancy and lactation) causes a marked change in the composition of lipids in milk and in the plasma of their young at an early age. early age

These changes were largely reversed both in the milk of mothers who received a standard (balanced) diet during lactation, and in the plasma of their offspring. The reversal of these changes was associated, at least in part, with the restoration of expression levels of The hormone adiponectin in the mammary gland. aAs well as with reduced expression of many inflammatory factors.

extrapolation to humans

The authors of the research work, led by Professor Catalina Pico, are now studying to what extent these findings can be extrapolated to humans.

In any case, they recommend extreme caution in lactation during lactation. This is a “critical period” during which it is possible to correct metabolic changes in the offspring that may have been poorly programmed in earlier periods of unhealthy nutrition or lifestyle.

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