A-Kid Jumps to the US: Debuts in NXT 2.0

A-Kid Jumps to the US: Debuts in NXT 2.0

The A-Kid’s roof seems far-fetched. In May 2019, he and Carlos Romo became the first Spaniard to make his WWE debut. They did so with the British brand of the world’s largest wrestling company, NXT UK. A-Kid (Madrid, 24) signed a contract with them months later. Since then his progress has been very great. He was the first Heritage Cup champion, twice competed for the NXT UK belt, and won his brand’s first Iron Match Lander. The challenges ahead of him in the UK are many, but his career has grown again.

WWE, during the broadcast of NXT 2.0 (3rd brand in company importance) They announced that A-Kid will debut there next week. Therefore, the Spaniard will travel to the United States and, in addition to participating in this show, will be at the Performance Center in Orlando (where all NXT 2.0 fighters train), A golden opportunity to continue growing and to be able to take a big step in his career.

After the video announcement, Jiro Ekman and Kushida talked about the arrival of Vallecano, and Kushida admitted it was better… So it seems that the Japanese may be the first competitor to the Spaniards on American soil. Before that trip, A-Kid will be having one last dance with his partner, Carlos Romo. Both will pair up again on Saturday at the show organized by New European Wrestling at its facilities, an event that has already sold out.

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