A life with knowledge as science

A life with knowledge as science

can say that Santiago Grisolia He lived at least two lives. One of them is internally, focused on research, between Spain and United State, and quite different when he returned to Valencia, where he held institutional positions closely connected with science and culture and from where he had access to all public spheres. In both universes there has always been a common bond: his wife, Frances Thompsonwhom he met in a Kansas City lab and never parted with until she passed away in 2017.

A life with knowledge as its knowledge | M.Á Montesinos

I accompanied him in all his achievements, such as his victory in 1990 Prince of Asturias Prize for Scientific and Technical Research Subsequently, he took the reins of the Jaume I Prize for Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which consistently placed him in the academic field, but also in politics. He dealt directly with four presidents of the Generalitat – Edduardo Zaplana, Francisco Camps, Alberto Fabra and Ximo Puig – with four heads of the government of Spain, from Jose Maria Aznar to Pedro Sánchez and with two heads of state, President King. Juan Carlos I and Philip VI. He has been able to include them in the Valencia Awards and every year their presence at the Lonja de València is a tradition. Their relationship was so close, that in 2014 he was appointed by the honorary king as a marquis GRISOLIA.

A life with knowledge as its knowledge | M Mills

His long stay in positions of public importance earned him some loathing, such as when he should have been taken abroad, where he was already president of Consell Valencià de Cultura (CVC) in 1998, after suggesting Valencia’s opinion on nature and origin. of language.

A life with knowledge as its knowledge | M Mullen

Later, he also assumed the chairmanship of the expert committee of City of Arts and Sciencesa project he oversaw, passionate, taught and published, which combined two other somewhat secret hobbies: swimming and diving, which he claimed helped him “stay young”, and Bullfighting, a show where it’s always been seen.

A life with knowledge as science

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