A long line of ships waits in the United States due to a supply crisis; That would affect Christmas


The jams crossing in California They are legendary, but this is one off the chain.

a register from 62 ships The goods are waiting to be docked in ports from Angels And long beachand stay floating Before Costa in the middle of a grave calamity from Suppliers Gifts can mean less than Christmas This year, reports American press.

The problem reflects a combination of increased freight volumes, labor shortages and COVID-related security measures that have slowed the handling of each vessel.

About a third of all imports into the United States pass through ports each year.

The Port of Long Beach has broken monthly records for the amount of shipments that have passed in 12 of the past 13 months, processing 32% more shipments this year than in 2020, according to data from trade publication Supply Chain Dive.

Shortage at the end of the year

Reinforcements in the port while cargo ships waited for anchorage were common throughout the year, and only increased with the arrival of the peak shipping season in the fall.

Ships are also suffering from this situation in other ports in the country, according to what was reported BloombergIt takes longer to move containers from ships to trains and trucks.

The shortage of truck drivers to pick up and lower the 20- and 40-foot steel boxes exacerbates the problem.

A supply chain problem has prompted stores like Costco to limit purchases of toilet paper and cleaning supplies, and even forced Nike to lower its sales forecast for the year after it reported a rare sales shortfall during the summer.

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