A Man Like Mobeen Season 5: Release Date & Renewal Updates


Stepping into the captivating world of British comedy-drama, A Man Like Mobeen, the series has undoubtedly charmed audiences across the globe with its distinct blend of humor, culture, and reality.

Created by the multi-talented Guz Khan and Andy Milligan, and brought to life under the excellent direction of Ollie Parsons, the show addresses complex themes of friendship, family, and life as a minority in contemporary society, all served with a generous dose of laughter.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Season : 4
  • Release Date: To be released soon
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Where to watch: Netflix
  • Rating: 8.0/10 (IMDb)

Popularity of the Show

A Man Like Mobeen has steadily gained popularity since its first airing on BBC Three on 17th December 2017. Its unique storytelling, engaging character arcs, and the relatability of a young Muslim man trying to balance his life between his faith, responsibility, and friendship in the multicultural city of Birmingham, have made it a fan-favorite.

A Man Like Mobeen Season 5: Cancelled or Renewed?

As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding the renewal or cancellation of A Man Like Mobeen for Season 5. Fans are eagerly awaiting any announcements related to the continuation of this much-loved series.

Release Date of A Man Like Mobeen Season 5

The fourth season has been airing on 8 June 2023. As of now, there no official release date has been announced for the fifth season of A Man Like Mobeen.  The speculation and anticipation among fans are high, but the series’ future remains uncertain.

Cast Of Man Like Mobeen Season 5

The star-studded cast is another key element of the show’s appeal. Guz Khan, not only the co-creator but also the leading man, brilliantly portrays the complex character of Mobeen.

Dúaa Karim, as Mobeen’s young, intelligent sister Aqsa, brings a delightful freshness to the cast. Tolu Ogunmefun as Nate and Tez Ilyas as Eight, Mobeen’s friends, bring additional humor and depth to the series. Other noteworthy cast members include Perry Fitzpatrick, Mark Silcox, and Art Malik.

A Man Like Mobeen Season 5 Spoiler

Although we can’t be certain of the specific plot points in a hypothetical season 5, it’s safe to say that it would continue to build on the storylines established in previous seasons.

The aftermath of Nadia’s action and Mobeen’s condition would be a significant point of concern. Moreover, the evolving relationship dynamics among the characters would surely provide a rich ground for new and exciting narratives.

 A Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Recap

Season 4 of A Man Like Mobeen was nothing short of a roller coaster ride, presenting a whirlwind of emotions, laughter, tension, and unexpected twists. Let’s delve deeper into the events that transpired.

The season kicked off with Mobeen (Guz Khan) landing in prison after being falsely accused of terrorism in the previous season. Mobeen’s incarceration served as the backdrop for a series of gut-busting, thought-provoking, and heart-tugging incidents throughout the season.

A central theme was Mobeen’s struggle with his identity, faith, and the harsh realities of prison life, maintaining his unique brand of humor amidst all challenges.

In the prison, Mobeen reunited with his old friend Sajid (Ashley Rice), and together they navigated the complex prison hierarchy. Their adventures provided a plethora of comedic moments, particularly when they both found themselves embroiled in a prison riot. An impressive escape sequence during the riot became one of the season’s highlights.

Back on the home front, Mobeen’s young sister, Aqsa (Dúaa Karim), was adjusting to her brother’s absence. She found herself facing the pressures of academic life, managing their home, and dealing with typical teenage issues. Aqsa’s character arc beautifully intertwined with Mobeen’s prison life, presenting a poignant juxtaposition of freedom and confinement.

Mobeen’s friends, Eight (Tez Ilyas) and Nate (Tolu Ogunmefun), provided consistent humor and were instrumental in ensuring Aqsa’s safety in Mobeen’s absence. Their attempts at filling Mobeen’s shoes while interacting with the Small Heath community provided ample comic relief.

However, the real tension and drama arrived with the emergence of the menacing Megalodon (Perry Fitzpatrick) and Khan’s daughter, Nadia (Nimisha Odedra). As Nadia took on a more central role, she presented an enigmatic character with unclear intentions. Her most shocking act was stabbing Mobeen with a memory stick containing incriminating evidence against her father.

The season concluded with a heart-stopping cliffhanger. Mobeen was left critically injured, Sajid was forced to face the dangerous Khan (Art Malik), and viewers were left with bated breath, eager for resolution in a potential Season 5.

Season 4 of A Man Like Mobeen served a splendid mix of comedy, drama, and socio-political commentary. From the prison riots to the shocking climax, the season kept viewers hooked, expertly blending laughs with heartfelt emotion and suspense.

Ratings of the Show

The critics’ and audiences’ response to A Man Like Mobeen has been overwhelmingly positive. With an impressive rating of 8/10 on IMDb, and a commendable 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s clear that the series has managed to strike a chord with viewers and critics alike. Its genuine portrayal of everyday struggles, combined with relatable humor, has resonated well, resulting in these favorable ratings.

Interesting Thing About A Man Like Mobeen Season 5

The most intriguing aspect about Season 5 is undoubtedly its uncertainty. The unresolved plot points from Season 4 have left fans with bated breath, eager to see how Mobeen’s journey unfolds. This anticipation, combined with the creators’ history of deftly tackling societal issues through humor, makes Season 5 an exciting prospect.

Review of the Show

A Man Like Mobeen stands out for its unique storytelling style, a brilliant blend of humor and social commentary. It successfully manages to explore serious issues while keeping viewers entertained with its situational comedy and witty dialogues.

The acting performances, particularly by Guz Khan, are commendable, making it a must-watch series for all comedy-drama enthusiasts.

Where to Watch

A Man Like Mobeen is available to stream on Netflix. The series’ engrossing narrative and laughter-inducing humor make it worth binge-watching.


A Man Like Mobeen is a perfect example of how comedy can be seamlessly blended with social commentary, making it both entertaining and enlightening. The show’s popularity and the clamor for Season 5 are a testament to its quality and the resonance it has found with audiences worldwide. Here’s hoping that we get to see more of Mobeen’s endearing journey in a future season.

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