A model with his band was arrested for tricking a millionaire into Amazon

With blue eyes, an athletic body and flawless skin, Charles Lift It was recognized in the world of modeling. He managed to represent an area Toledo from Spain In the era of Mr. International Spain.

Mr. Toledo 2022He is 1.86 meters tall and is 25 years old, and he will have to leave the platform and cameras aside when he is caught by the police; They direct him to get out, allegedly, from leading a gang of scammers who stole millions from the trading company Amazon.

This was how it worked.

The young man, who describes himself as a “Greek god,” claimed to have a degree in law and business administration. In addition, apparently, he worked as a consultant, according to information from the local media “ABC”.

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However, he will not only live on his qualities and intellect, because a judicial investigation accuses him of organizing an entire group of 23 men to make purchases through Amazon, cheat platformKeep stuff, and supposedly resell it on other sites in order to get a lot of profit.

According to investigations, Izquierdo and his gang created hundreds of fake profiles on the page to obtain technological products, such as cell phones and high-value computers. They had about 400 credit cards to finish payments.

Once they received the order, they went to Amazon Return Policies Arguing that it was in poor condition or not working properly.

Accordingly, they demanded that the products be collected in the street, commercial establishments or petrol stations so as not to arouse suspicion, and it seems that the families did not discover that the matter is frequent.

The surprise that Amazon took while checking the return package was even worse: there was no content. They are accused of returning chests full of other items, but not of purchased technological equipment. Since the trading company noticed the scam after returning the paid money, it was not able to suspend accounts in time and start the related operations.

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loot sale

In addition, the authorities indicate that the group sold the devices on the pages of used articles. Once they got the double profit (return and resale), they allegedly started the same trick: they created another fake amazon profile cheat. Their “method of work” could have been useful for stealing about half a million dollars.

The platform exposed the shortcomings and brought the case to the attention of the police. After more than a year of tracking, Mr. Toledo 2022 is arrested at his residence and his subordinates.

As shown in the arrest video recorded by the authorities, the uniformed officers found other technological equipment in the house and large sums of cash. In total, there was $100,000 on hand; However, the rest of what was stolen will try to recover it.

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The group is awaiting trial, in which they are accused of fraud. None of them commented on that. Now, they will legally take on Amazon, the world’s e-commerce giant.

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