A mother captures her daughter in a video as she battles to escape from a shark on a beach in Hawaii

A mother captures her daughter in a video as she battles to escape from a shark on a beach in Hawaii

Experts said it appeared to be a black-headed shark, a species known for fishing in shallow waters.

Written by Maria Ortiz

Los Angeles, May 7 (La Opinion). – A mother registered her six-year-old daughter playing in the waves at Beach Hawaii I captured the moment the girl was Persecuted In the water For the shark.

Sherry Juvia said she was recording prof Video From her daughter Anila Resents, on Calama Beach in Kilauea, a town on the east coast of Oahu, when the girl suddenly ran out of water and screamed that she had seen a shark.

The girl said that it is a moment that she will never forget.

“My soul has left my body,” said Anila Rezents, a six-year-old resident of Kailua who was chased by a shark. “I saw a shark. I didn’t realize it was behind my back. So I really wanted to run. I was so scared.”

Her mother, Sherry Juvia, said: “When she got out of the water, she was in a hysterical state.” KHON-TV. “So I ran, I was looking for it, but I couldn’t see it. I didn’t realize it was actually a shark. That surprised me.”

When Gouveia reviewed the photos in her video, she discovered that a shark had grown too close to her daughter.

Experts reviewed the video and said it appeared to be a blackhead shark, a species known to fish in shallow waters. They said that the girl was probably not in danger of approaching this shark.

A shark bites a woman in Florida

A Florida beach woman was not as lucky as the Hawaiian girl, when she sat on a paddleboard in New Smyrna Beach on Friday and became the first person bitten by a shark this year in Volusia County, according to authorities.

Captain Tammy Malfors, a Beach Safety spokeswoman, said the woman, who lives in New Smyrna Beach, was sitting on the dashboard just after 9 a.m. in the water eight to ten feet deep when she was bitten on her foot. Daytona Beach News Magazine.

Malfors said that while the woman had not seen any biting, she was presumably a shark.

The woman sustained injuries to her foot and was taken to hospital for precautionary reasons.

The first shark bite attack in 2021 in Volusia County came just over a month after the first shark bites were reported last year, which occurred on March 22. Sharks bitten two people that day, two hours apart.

This Florida county is famous as the shark bite capital of the world, last year a total of 10 people were bitten by Volusia sharks.

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