A woman died after colliding with an umbrella in the wind on the beach

A woman died after colliding with an umbrella in the wind on the beach

No woman would have ever imagined that a beach in South Carolina in the United States, It will be the last place he visits in his life.

According to the authorities, The 63-year-old woman, identified as Tami PerraultHe passed away last Wednesday, August 10, while he was, on schedule, at Garden City BeachAnd the After an umbrella fell on his torso. They asserted that the wind had pulled this element away seconds before and left it straying.

“A passing wind blew a parachute in the air and continued to advance. Everyone says, ‘Go down,'” said Sherry White, one of Perreault’s best friends, according to the portal, and we did, but unfortunately she was in the line of fire. Latin time.

Hori County Report pointed out that Some witnesses also indicated that the canopy belongs to the hotel Be a witness.

The parachute fell ‘from one end to the other along the shore until Striking the victim on the left side of the upper torsoin the said report.

Thomas Bell, a spokesman for the Hurry County Office of Emergency Management, said Perrault was initially treated by off-duty medical professionals. Then she was urgently taken to the local hospital, where Doctors declared her dead.

CNN I called Dale Trevathan, the Horry County deputy coroner, by phone, who said the woman had died of an illness. Trauma to the chest from the parachute axis.

Brothers died in each other’s arms while trying to cross the Arizona desert

On Thursday, August 11th, it was revealed the story of two brothers from Mexico who left their country to fulfill the American Dream and come to work in the United States. however, On the way they were not so lucky and died in the middle of their journey.

it’s about Carlos Enrique Mendoza Santiago, 23, and his older brother, Edgar Mendoza Rodriguez, 37, who have been leaving their home in Oaxaca, Mexico, since May 27 this yearBut two weeks later, they lost their lives while crossing the Arizona desert in the United States due to drought.

Apparently, the father of the two men, Mr. Facundo Mendoza Nolasco, was the one who discovered the tragedy, after he was called by the same “wolf” who was helping them pass to tell him that his two children had died in the middle of the desert, according to the media. Millennium.

“He spoke to me a week later, on June 2, saying that one of my sons, Carlos Enrique, had become dehydrated and could not continue the march…that the law of life is like that in the desert: ‘If you stay you stay’’,” Mendoza voiced the said medium, recalling the words “coyote.”

‘I asked him about my other son, Edgar, and he told me he had not followed the group either, because he could not see his brother, he preferred to stay,’ He continued, adding the moment when he discovered that neither of his two children had escaped the beams of the desert amid rising temperatures on the dates mentioned in the United States.

So far, Mr. Mendoza has not been able to return the bodies of his children, and the authorities have not given him an answer about the search for the bodies. The father denounced that he had been trying to bury Edgar and Carlos for two months, but the corresponding consulate would not have provided him with the necessary assistance.

“The lady told me: ‘I will pass it on to my boss so he can explain it to him.’ And I said to him: ‘But will you explain to me?’ What did they actually find? ‘. He couldn’t tell me anything.”about the response given by the authorities.

I told him: Tell me what you will tell me, because I am ready. I have been searching for two months and days. If you have to tell me something good or bad, tell me, “I insisted,” Mendoza confirmed, referring to what was answered by the chief secretary of the consulate.

But he also revealed that shortly afterwards they called him to tell him that the Border Patrol had found the bodies of his children, as these men had identification documents.

“The Consulate told me that they, as good brothers, were found embracing. Also, for this reason, they confirmed that they were Edgar and Carlos Enrique.He expressed to the aforementioned media, noting the sad toll that his two sons had suffered and the way they were identified.

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