A young man transfers to VIRAL for his reaction to being accepted into the Harvard Millennium Group

A young man transfers to VIRAL for his reaction to being accepted into the Harvard Millennium Group

Find out if you stayed in college Where do you want Studying your chosen profession can be very stressful and The United States It is well known that young people can carry out a different operation Schools to see if any of them accept it.

Most young people want to stay one of their first choices in particular If Harvard University is considered one of the best universities in the United States. Well, this happened to a boy who couldn’t contain his excitement when he found out he was accepted..

On TikTok, the reaction of a young man who made a video call to his sister with his family went viral. This is to find out which university accepted you.

The first seconds of the video show the disappointment of the young man who He was not accepted in some of his choices, while in others there was little choice The possibility of studying in that institution, however, everything changes from moment to moment.

In the clip, the family standing in front of the computer starts screaming and jumping. Even the young man’s parents cannot contain their excitement when they learn that their son has been accepted into Harvard.

“Proud of Tinaye. I worked hard for this. The young man’s sister, who was responsible for uploading the video to the platform, also wrote, “Forever grateful and proud to the Zimbabwean immigrant parents for taking such a risk with us.”

In the comments, many people did not hesitate to congratulate the young man on remaining at Harvard and Others were quick to praise the attitude of the family, especially the father, who was very emotional.

“I loved his father’s reaction”, “Crying with strangers is not my passion, it is my life’s goal”, “Congratulations!” “,” I’m crying “,” I’m smiling like a little girl while watching this “,” Welcome to Harvard.


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