According to the International Organization for Migration, most Mexicans deported by the United States migrate for the economy

According to the International Organization for Migration, most Mexicans deported by the United States migrate for the economy

On Thursday, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) revealed that nearly two out of three new Mexicans deported by the United States in 2020 so far have migrated due to “economic opportunities”.

After surveying more than a thousand immigrants deported to Mexico under Title 42 (13% of whom are of Mexican origin), The OIM It found that 64% of Mexicans did so mainly for economic opportunity, 19% for security and 17% for Reunion a favour.

When thinking of men only, 59% of immigrants Mexicans argued for economic reasons to try to cross into the United Statesand 13% for family reunification and 8% for security concerns, according to the agency.

On the contrary, 11% of women cited safety as the main reason to leave the country5% commented that they did so for economic opportunity and 4% for family reunification.

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“There were also significant differences in the dynamics of transit between the Mexican population and foreigners: while the majority of Mexicans said they had made several attempts to pass into the United States, the majority of foreigners reported being captured in their only attempt to do so.”

The research is published when the region experiences a record wave of migration, With more than 212,000 undocumented people arrested in July at the US border, an “unprecedented” number, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Although the focus was on Central America, 26% of the migrants apprehended at the border in July were Mexicans, double the percentage two years ago, according to the Pew Research Center.

Most relocations, About 845 thousand, spoke under the 42nd section carried out by the chief Donald trump (2017-2021) to expel immigrants immediately on the basis of the pandemic, a rule President Joe Biden has maintained, although not applied to minors.

In addition, the United States admitted last week that it had begun deporting undocumented people held at the border between the two countries on flights into Mexico, as a way to avoid them returning again.

Through this study, IOM seeks to “provide important information that can contribute to revealing the needs of vulnerable populations in situations of movement,” says Dana Graber Ladec, IOM’s chief of mission in Mexico.

Asked about the security concerns of Mexican immigrants, the International Organization for Migration found that The two most common notes were crime, with 33%, and the presence of armed men, with 30%.

Those who left Mexico for security reasons came from 11 countries: Michoacan (37%), Guerrero (22%), Chiapas (7%), Oaxaca (7%), Mexico City, State of Mexico, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Puebla, Veracruz and Zacatecas, at 4% each.

Of the more than a thousand people surveyed by the International Organization for Migration, such as immigrants from Honduras 50%, from Guatemala 27%, from Mexico 13%, from El Salvador 8% and the rest from other countries.

“In interviews conducted between May and June of this year, foreigners and Mexicans indicated that the main need they provide is legal assistance for operations in the United States,” the International Organization for Migration said.

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