Actors paint the future of science and research La Palma

Actors paint the future of science and research La Palma

Through this initiative, the actors seek to avoid a population decline, loss of young talent and structural problems in La Palma

Actors paint a reconstruction of La Palma that advances research and science

representatives Economie And the Business From palm They advocated taking advantage of Reconstruction Behind the volcano to promote the island as a Focus on research and science To prevent population decline, loss of young talent, and to solve previous structural problems exacerbated by the eruption.

Thus, they raised the initiative in the study committee in Parliament of the Canary Islands On the effects of the volcanic crisis and Reconstruction of La Palma. The economist has appeared Peter Alvarez, president FAEPMercedes Hernandez s David Fuentes, president Fedepalma.

The Economist Pedro Alvarez He argued that the first thing was to solve the housing problem and to tackle the rest of the problems with “time and calm”. He justifies this by the fact that departments arbitrarily and baselessly use the concept of emergency that makes it difficult to control spending, citizen participation and control potential wrongdoing.

also, Alvarez He regretted that the projects and ideas that board and the city ​​halls They seek to match “the same model of tourism development that is going through a crisis and failing in other areas of the archipelago”. For this reason, defend a 180º turn in the island economy.

He proposed protecting lava flows and fangana as a cultural, scientific, and tourist resource, immobilizing roads until the role of transportation infrastructure is determined, uniting valley councils into one, protecting agricultural land, gradually replacing banana cultivation with a model oriented towards self-sufficiency, concentrating new tourist family within urban centers and avoiding ” urban pitting of rural lands.

“Lack of coordination and transparency”

head Federation of Business Associations of La Palma (FAEP), Mercedes HernandezHe denounced the lack of coordination and transparency between the administrations or the lack of commitment to the island “beyond May 2023”, when there are regional and local elections.

He requested that the post be excluded business representatives In deciding on aid, which companies did not reach outside the valley, when the whole island is affected by the economic consequences of the volcanic eruption.

Likewise, consider it necessary to have 4000 closed tourist beds Never get lost and that Exemption of airport taxes in 2023.

Hernandez He advocated taking advantage of the opportunity to promote reconstruction aimed at Sciences and the Cooperat. Moreover, he claimed that National Volcano Center Its head office is located in Palms.

Population migration, double isolation and lack of vocational training

On his part, the head of the Federation of Entrepreneurs of La Palma (Fedepalma), David Fuentesstressed that the volcano exacerbated the previous situation on the island which was not good, which marked it Population declineThe double isolation and the lack of vocational training And superior prevents the departure of the young and talented.

Advocate being promotion oriented Cooperat and the Technology Entrepreneurship By establishing centers and entrepreneurship, as well as decentralizing university studies, favoring studies in geology, volcanology, marine sciences or astronomy.

Sources He also suggested adapting vocational training to corporate needs, promoting dual vocational training, and a two-year bonus in fees for social Security to reduce unemployment.

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