Adlan Cruz surrounds himself with loved ones to give a concert at the UPR Theatre

Like a Bösendorfer piano University of Puerto Rico Theatre, Rio Piedras Campus (UPR)Restored to have his voice heard for generations, classical pianist and music producer, Adam CruzHe says it has been restored to give the audience a different show on Sunday August 14.

“Adlan Cruz, Between Piano and Friends” will arrive at the UPR Campus in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the philanthropist’s artwork as well. While rehearsing “The Show” at the Cannon Club at the Gallery Inn, Old San Juanthe musician mentioned that there were so many plans he had in mind for this presentation that two hours would not suffice.

“We need a full night. The repertoire will include tracks from my career as a soloist, composer and pianist. I will also be playing my own unreleased music, some accompanied by a dance band,” Cruz said, who also called Caribbean tenor Until now Royal Symphony Orchestra To be part of the evening.

The Puerto Rican pianist, who has given more than 30 shows and played in more than 60 countries, expects the concert to be full of nostalgia, having been at the UPR stage where he started as a soloist three decades ago. He was also accompanied by the Austrian Bösendorfer, a machine that marked his “forever” career.

“It will be something unique because, among this audience, there will also be people who have supported me from the beginning,” The proud father who will sing for the first time on a Puerto Rican stage with his two children Anna Isabella and Adlan Yahr added.

Adlan Cruz with his two children, Adlan Yahr and Anna Isabella. (Vanessa Sierra Diaz)

“It would be a unique moment as a dad. They traveled with me to South Africa, we went to France, Spain and Guatemala, and they were part of what my dad does as a concert artist. On my last Christmas tour they traveled with my dad to the States and joined in concerts, but in Puerto Rico, it will be This is the first time we are doing shows together,” he said proudly.

Adlan Yahr, who wants to become a vet when he grows up, shared that he really loves spending time with his father. He also commented that although there were many music teachers, he preferred his father.

Meanwhile, Anna Isabella aspires to become a radiologist. The older brothers, without any tension, expressed that they were “very happy” and that it was “an experience not many people can have”.

The father and sons prepared a six-handed tango to delight the audience.

His story with the Caribbean tenor

The relationship between Cruise and the Caribbean began last May when Gabriel Montanez The pianist invited to participate in a special for mothers day broadcasted by Telemundo From The fortress of San Jerónimo. According to the musician, the audience’s reception was so positive “that we had to take her to the stage.”

This, in turn, marks the first appearance of the youth group on the Al-Jazeera theatre. However, for Montañez and Kedward Avilés, the opportunity is doubly special.

“We studied together at IUPI, that’s when we met and started theatrical acting. We did the musical “Evita” and then “La finta giardiniera” by Mozart. After 12 years, it’s an honor to return to this theater, to our alma mater, and with the teacher Adlan Cruz who Give us a chance,” Montañez explained.

For his part, Aviles emphasized that this was the perfect occasion for his followers to get to know them better. The singer took the opportunity to reveal some details of the presentation whose tickets are on sale on Ticketera.

“There is a lot of emotion because, eventually, we will have a concert with the audience, and then they will be able to get to know our characters better. We are four very different voices, four different styles, and what unites us is our passion for art, music, and especially Latin American music. There. Things people don’t think will happen there.” confirmed.

Cruz will play alongside the Caribbean Tenors from classic pieces like “Concierto de Aranjuez” to a popular mix of John Gabriel.

From Florence, Italy, Angel VargasHis companions joined him. Who is currently on Mascarade Opera Studio, noted that “the moment we’ve been waiting for two years has finally arrived”. Grateful, the tenor added that having Cruz was a “blessing.”

Meanwhile, the youth group is preparing to launch their first music production dedicated to love, which will include songs from Qian s Juan Luis Guerra. Adlan Cruz, for his part, is ready to embark on a “30 Years” tour that will take him to destinations such as Nigeria, Uganda and France.

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