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Bolivia. –Max Mendoza52 years old, is a Bolivian student leader for more than three decades Complete many jobswithout graduating from any of them, and that at the end of this week he was arrested To charge incorrect fees for student financial support.

Mendoza He would have benefited irregularly With a monthly salary of 21,870 bolivianos ($3,150). 62 thousand Mexican pesos), according to information received from the Public Prosecutor of La Paz, William Alaf.

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This salary Looks like a university president And even the president of Bolivia, who earns about $3,500 a month (just over 69,000 pesos).

Deputy sued the student leader

Alaf noted that in order to be elected as a member of the Bolivian University Commission, one must at least meet the academic degree requirements for a bachelor’s degree, A condition that Mendoza does not fulfill it.

The Bolivian has studied several degrees at the University of Bolivia since 1989, He failed in 200 subjects and got a zero in more than 100for his absence.

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Hector Ars, deputy of the Movement for Socialism, sued Mendoza For unjust enrichment, embezzlement, uneconomic behavior and profit because of his position.

Being a university leader is a job.

For his part, the questioned leader denied the accusations last Thursday, which he called “ejaculationHe said: “We have not received a single cent that is not in a correct and legal manner.”

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