All about Anirudh Picharudi, the new character

    season 2 of ‘never not’ It was the ending we’ve been wanting since the beginning of the series: Davy and Paxton take a chance, after many comings and goings, aka Ben. But as a good fan of Netflix comedy, you will know that stability is not something that can mark the life of the hero, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. With the premiere of new chapters just around the corner, on August 12th, we already know what your new source of problems is: Dis, the new character who will be joining the third season. So we’ll tell you more about him, because he’s going to be your new crush.

    Who is playing this new role that will give a lot to talk about is Anirudh Bicharudi, is a 28-year-old Indian actor who came to the United States at a very young age to start his acting career. He appeared in popular series such as The Goldbergs and played a recurring role in 911, the fictional spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy. But he also moves well behind the scenes, as he is the founder of a production company, which he started in 2017 according to his Linkedin profile. In this same, in addition, we found out that he studied public health sciences. Sorry? mini game.


    All of these qualities seem to have been transferred to his character in “Never Have I Ever,” Des, which we first see in action during the series’ trailer. So far, what we know about the new face of fantasy is that He is the son of Davey’s mother’s friend and attends a private school. Will you become the fourth head of the main character’s love life? We think that with Paxton (Darren Barnett) and Ben (Garen Lewison) she has more than enough. But it’s Davy and her little mental problems.

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