Amazon starts same-day delivery in the US

when it seems that Amazon It can no longer improve its services, the company is implementing new alternatives that benefit the customer experience.

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in about Twelve metropolitan areas in the United StatesThe company specializing in the sale and distribution of products began to offer a fast delivery scheme. But some people wonder how fast they are? Well on the same day.

According to the information published by the company on its own Articles Corporate, Amazon has partnered with CNGAnd the dieselAnd the Pak SunAnd the CNG s very dry To be able to comply with the stated method of delivery in the country of stars and stripes.

People who want to use this system must have a membership Amazon Prime They will be able to order shipments priced at $2.99 ​​but free with a minimum consumption of $25.

The scheme is called drapeby the company, since others, such as DoorDash, Uber’s Postmates, Instacart, UPS’ Roadie and Target’s Shipt, have already used similar, but different names.

This way, sellers offering retail products will be able to fill orders with merchandise from their store’s inventory and have a Flex delivery driver pick it up at the store and then deliver it to the customer’s door.

In Latin America, Mercado Libre has, for more than a year, had a full delivery method, which has no cost for orders of $299 pesos or more; In addition, products from different organizations can be aggregated, but they are available in stores.

Similarly, the company can deliver the goods the next day, although sometimes it has the ability to do so on the same day.

For its part, Walmart, in order to compete in e-commerce, has adopted practices that allow customers to receive their orders in less than 24 hours.

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