AMLO on whether Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will be invited to the Summit of the Americas

Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorThe President of Mexico asked,Don’t get ahead of yourself“After a US government official confirmed it They will not be invited a Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to me top of the americaswhich will be held next June in AngelsCalifornia.

Lopez Obrador, at the morning conference held at the National Palace, indicated that he had submitted his request directly to his American counterpart. Joe Bidenplus one of the counselor’s therapists Marcelo Ebrard On his Washington, D.C. tour, he invites all countries to participate in the Ninth Summit of the Americas.

We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, because with all due respect we made the proposal to President Biden, so he told me he would think about it, and Marcelo Ebrard left yesterday for Washington, and I directed him that, in addition to the issues on the bilateral agenda, we’ll try. We should wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

“We don’t rule it out, someone told me I think Marcelo, everyone was invited to the last summit, so we’ll wait,” he said.

During a TV interviewUS Under Secretary of State for Latin America and the Caribbean, Brian NicholsHe ruled out inviting the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to attend the Summit of the Americas, because the United States government considers that these countries “disrespect” democracy.

“Cuba, Nicaragua and the (Nicolas) Maduro regime do not respect the Democratic Charter of the Americas and therefore I do not expect them to exist,” he said.

Last week, Lopez Obrador himself asked Biden in a phone conversation to invite “all the people of America.”

“How is a . called? top of the americasBut not invite everyone? So where are the uninvited from? From which continent? From which galaxy? From which satellite? ‘ asked the Mexican president in his morning conference.

The Ninth Summit of the Americas, to be held in Los Angeles (USA) from June 6-10, will be the second organized by the United States after the original in Miami in 1994, with the main objective of designing a regional migration alliance.

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