An interview about artificial intelligence in elementary school

Doctor and member of the Digital Health group of the Catalan Society of Family and Community Medicine (Camfic), Anna Escalé.

IArtificial intelligence is increasingly present in the field of health, but of less importance in primary care consultations. Doctor and member of the Digital Health Group of the Catalan Society of Family and Community Medicine (Camfic), Anna Scalarequests that primary care be involved in the search for artificial intelligence and “Management commitment and dedication to gradually incorporate these tools into primary care consultations.”

Escalé, who works in primary care at a center from the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) in central Catalonia, explains the need for Primary care is found in studies that validate tools Artificial intelligence. “It is necessary to have our standards. There is a need to involve primary care from the start in developing algorithms to help them become truly useful tools in clinical practice,” he explains.

Regarding health professionals, he emphasized in an interview with medical writing who – which”We have to participate from the first moment To be able to validate the tools and we can take advantage of them.”

Is artificial intelligence applied in queries?

The application of artificial intelligence in first-level care counseling is already underway, though still ‘very raw’. However, Escala says:We cannot turn our backs on applying new technologies in our consultations because, among other things, it will allow us to move towards a more personalized and unique medicine.”

Using predictive models can help us individualize screeningalso see measures of enhancement in therapeutic adherence, where they have already been developed and can help us as a diagnostic support tool for consultations, in the analysis of images such as x-rays, skin images or electrocardiograms, among others” adds the doctor. Escala confirms that new technologies “They should help us perform those tasks that do not really require a physical examination and, therefore, They can help us remove bureaucracy for care tasks“.All this should be allowed to health professionals.”You have more time to do other tasks that only we can do “in vivo”.

This progress should ensure ‘more effectiveness and efficiency’ In resolving queries,” she asserts. A member of Camfic’s Digital Health group argues that if AI “helps us professionals diagnose faster and with greater diagnostic accuracy, this has implications for the patient to save time, speed, effectiveness and efficiency.”

“We are all-encompassing specialists, but at the same time we are the professionals who know the patient’s environment, background, community and family context; this It assumes a necessary global vision When we have to make healthy decisions.”

Do doctors have enough training in artificial intelligence?

Although there are more and more participation and projects that combine primary care and artificial intelligence in Catalonia, Such as Project Salut / IA and Fundació TIC Salut Social, asks Camfic that the pace of management’s commitment to creating these tools goes hand in hand with the advancement of new technologies. In this sense,It is important for family physicians to be trained in AI Because we’ll have to work with her. More training is needed in this area.”

The doctor comments that artificial intelligence is a new field in health and that “Create multidisciplinary teams of health professionals and engineering technicians”. In this way, health workers will be able to participate in the development of technology to make it more effective and efficient, and therefore the result will take into account the realities of everyday care and will focus on practice.

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