Android 12 update for Samsung has been suspended


dash Samsung with Android 12 and One UI 4.0 It just led to a serious problem. It was just announced that Android 12 update s One UI 4.0 Discontinued for Samsung Galaxy S21. These stations, the first to be updated, were to receive the stable version of the new operating system in different regions of the world. This update has been discontinued until further notice due to an issue with google apps.

Android 12 delayed for Samsung Galaxy S21

In the past few weeks, we have provided all the news related to Samsung and Android 12 update. we’ve got Praised for his fast enough For beta application and distribution in most parts of the world. Of course, that rush doesn’t seem to have led to anything very positive.

. official update Android 12 y One UI 4.0 It is suspended in South Korea until further notice. The drive to paralyze the publishing process is a Google Play issue that is not well known. It seems that not everything is well optimized and the Google Store is not working well in the terminals.

The Google Store not only offers apps for devices, but it is also an important part of Google Play Services that runs continuously in Android phone. An issue with this store can cause a major crash in almost all installed apps.

Is the entire Samsung catalog delayed?

How long it will take is completely unknown Samsung to fix the error. If it’s simple, it may not affect the dates the company has set to update the rest of its devices.

If it is serious, we may encounter a file Android 12 and One UI 4.0 global delay to Galaxy S21 And the rest of the company’s devices included in the update.

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