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Smartphones have become essential devices in the lives of all users, as these devices allow them to connect to the Internet and keep in touch with their friends or families. Because you carry your device Everywhere, your battery will probably be around 0% when you get home, however, have you ever wondered how long your cell phone battery can last? Here we will answer this question.

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It is important to clarify that the mobile phone battery does not have a fixed time period, it means that after getting a new battery And take it out of the case, you won’t know if the battery will start to fail or stop working in days, weeks, months or years. What can be known is how often you have to charge the battery to 100% until it is completely damaged.

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In order to understand the topic well, you need to know the “charge cycle”, it basically represents the number of times the battery is charged from 0% to 100%, for example: if you charge your cell phone twice a day, the first, from 0% to 50% and the second from 50% to 100%, this means that you have exhausted the charge cycle. In the same way, if you charge it three times a day, two at 30% (60%) and one at 40%, it gives a total of 100%, and therefore it is also considered a charge cycle.

How long does an ANDROID battery last?

According to the information published by the technology device battery, Android Mid-range or high-end, it can withstand close to 500 charge cycles or maybe a little more, it all depends on the brand of equipment and its range. If you notice that your cell phone is running out quickly, it is likely that the milliampere (mAh) of the battery is decreasing, for example, if your new phone has 5,000 mAh, it may now be between 3,000 or 4,000 and it will drop.

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What happens if you charge your cell phone on PC

  • Computers are powered by a power supply of no more than 220V and have a series of ports so you can connect any device such as USB, HDMI, wireless mouse, etc.
  • If you connect your cell phone to your laptop or PC, it will charge normally, however, the charge will not be the same when plugged into a socket.
  • This is because your computer or laptop distributes power to all the connected devices and thus will regulate a certain amount on your smartphone.

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