‘Aperrando con todo’: Camila Ricaparin shows her life as a street vendor in the US after controversy

‘Aperrando con todo’: Camila Ricaparin shows her life as a street vendor in the US after controversy

Although she has been out of the spotlight and flashes for several months, Camila Ricaparin has once again become a must-have topic in the entertainment media in recent days.

The latter, after the model was fingered by a Chilean woman living in the United States, accusing her of throwing herself at chickens and leaving her apartment without paying the rent, as well as leaving the property in disrepair.

Of course, it’s not all so controversial in the former reality girl’s life. Through his social networks, he has shared many postcards showing part of his life in Gringolandia.

In fact, through a series of stories that he uploads to his Instagram, he tells how these five months he spent in the North American country, where he was in the travel business.

He even appears in the records selling stones on the street. But that’s not all, because he also shines in sports, taking his daughter for a walk while eating stuffs.

It should be noted that when he came out to defend himself against accusations of non-payment of rent for the place where he was staying, Rachaparin also took advantage of this case to highlight his residence in the United States.

“We spent 5 months between Kiko and Coco, but we started with everything,” he said on that occasion. “I wanted to give up everything material and everything I once had, just to keep myself in witchcraft and love,” he added in his story.

In addition, he also admitted that the accusations in the complaint regarding some of his consumption were true.

“I love grass and mushrooms. Maximum connection with my interior, which gives me clarity and allows me to have beautiful little travels,” he admitted.

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