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Another key point about inclusivity is that thanks to Apple’s experts on inclusivity, they’ve realized that it’s important to include sign languages, not to translate the entire video, but to provide welcome and motivational messages during training.

Motivation is another important point of this service, “We found that metrics can provide motivation, inspiration and make you more part of the experience than just watching a typical exercise video where there is no connection. For us, it is about metrics, but is understood as motivation,” he says. Vice President of Apple.

Some of that motivation can be shared with the new SharePlay feature, where users can share their workout with up to 32 Apple Fitness+ subscribers. In this training, you can do competitions and feel good about closing activity rings before others.

Using the SharePlay feature, subscribers to this service can connect to workout together.

Blahnik, who joined Apple in 2013, has extensive experience in the fitness field having worked for companies like Nike. In addition, she joined forces with the tech company to create one of its flagship products, the Apple Watch. By mid-2021 alone, this smartwatch had already sold 100 million units worldwide, according to consultancy Strategy Analytics.

About creating this service, Blahnik tells us that in order to develop it they have hired people who have experience not only in the world of physical conditioning, but also from other industries related to sports and technology. “What makes Apple so special is that we create experiences that we all want to use and as we look at them through the lens of experience, we also want to look at them through the vision of our users and really just try to build that piece of collaboration and experiences that we know people want to use every day,” he says. .

Among the experiences Apple Fitness+ offers, there are more than 500 types of workouts in the library, including programs specific to beginners, pregnant women, and people over 60. There are also small moments of meditation to finish training or for day in and day out or a program called “Time to walk” or “A moment to walk,” in which some influencers ranging from Naomi Campbell, Camila Cabello to singer Sam Mendes, create an audio-only experience with stories and music to accompany users in this activity. Be warned, at the moment all courses have audio in English but can be translated into Spanish.

Apple Fitness + Time to Walk
Athletes, artists and celebrities will accompany you on their walks with the ‘walk time’ or ‘walk time’ function in the toilet.

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