Argentine soccer team closes the She Believes Cup against the US: They face each other from 9:00 pm.

Argentine soccer team closes the She Believes Cup against the US: They face each other from 9:00 pm.

The Argentine soccer team will have no easy task tonight to face the local champions and two-time world champions. From 9 pm and without TV.

The national team is wrapping up its She Believes Cup tonight, the prestigious friendly tournament the Argentine national team plays with Brazil, the United States and Canada.. The competition that marked the return to competition after the pandemic year 2020.

After losing 1-0 in extra time to Canada, Argentina will play the United States at the age of 21, four-time world champions. With great personalities recognized around the world, such as Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, USWNT will seek to secure its defense of the She Believes Cup title.

Seven years later, it will cross paths of Argentine girls and those in the United States again. History is limited to friendly matches, as the two teams have never met in tournaments. There were three crushing defeats: 8–1 and 7-0 in 1998; 7-0 in 2014.

The Argentine national team will not be able to count on one of its distinguished personalities, Lorena Benitez, the current Boca Juniors, who suffered a broken cruciate ligament against the Canadians. Benitez who was supposed to be chosen as the best player in the 2020 Transition Championship, as xeneizes was established as the first professional female champion of women’s soccer in Argentina.

The absence of the Boca Juniors player may not be the only casualty on the Argentine side, as the presence of central defender Agustina Barroso, current Palmeiras, will also be in doubt. I pulled out of the recent confrontation with muscle overload and trained differently. It will depend on whether coach Carlos Borrello wants to risk putting him in the starting line-up.

The Argentina national team game does not have a TV for our country, but can be watched through the Claro Video app.


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