Arrasate: Uganda Sticks will be presenting in Monterrón, as part of Udazabal

Uganda Steak will perform this afternoon at Monteron. / DV

The aim of the Harman and Mundokid Festival is to show the cooperation program it is carrying out in Mozambique

Wasswa Swaibu Semwogerere, Kalule Michael, Adai Eric Moses, Sserugo Allan, Katumba Samuel and Katwesigye Christian are the protagonists of an innovative and emotional show that will take place in Monteron starting at 7:00 PM.

They make up the African group Uganda Steaks, and the Takon and Gaiki communities of Dibagwena, which will allow enjoyment through the magic of art.

The aim of the festival, organized by Harreman and Mundukide, is for the residents of Arrasate and Debagoiena to learn and first-hand experience the cooperation program in Mozambique that both organizations have been working on for years.

The show proposes the fusion of African music with the bands Ttakun and Jaiki from Dipaguina

Seven Ugandan youths recently arrived from Africa dancing “describing the land, customs, faith, joy, pain, beauty and bursting with drums and happy tunes. They are contemporary, African, tribal, dancing in slow motion or to crazy rhythms.”

The Uganda Stick Show is a purely African show. “They have been very successful every time they have performed. The seven young people who grew up in the orphanage in Kampala will give a good number of shows in Euskal Herria and Spain during the summer, and the event in Arrasate will undoubtedly be one of the most special on their agenda » .

Harriman and Mondoked

The Harriman and Mondokid Societies have been collaborating for more than twenty years to provide opportunities to improve the lives of the people of Mozambique’s Northern Corridor. “When we started the cooperation programmes, we found the country completely devastated, and although the infrastructure, health, education and economic activity have improved significantly in these 20 years, the current situation is still precarious for thousands upon thousands of people,” he explained.

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