Artemides Zatti is available in other languages

Artemides Zatti is available in other languages
Members of the Salesian Bulletin team in Argentina announced that the film about the future saint is now dubbed in English, Italian, French and Portuguese.
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The documentary, which chronicles the life and work of Doctor and Salesian Artemides Zatti, is available in English, Italian, French and Portuguese, as voiced by members of the Salesian Bulletin team from Argentina.

Produced by Salesian Bulletin and Two Provinces in Argentina, the film was a project realized in 2019 and premiered in July 2020, after the 28th chapter of the Salesian Don Bosco. They noted that the film was shown on March 13, 2020, its early completion date due to the pandemic.

The members of the Salesian Bulletin noted that the cooperation and assistance of the President of the Salesian University Don Bosco, Father Angel Fernández Artem SDP, was “remarkable”, who from the outset advocated the implementation of this project as a “cultural institution”. The assets that belong to the devotees.”

The dubbing formation, in which the Ministry of Madrid participated, Misiones Salesianas, was in charge of the screenwriter and director Riccardo Campoli, a member of the social sector of the ANS, in Rome. Members of the General Counsel for Social Communications of Congregants, Gildacio Mendes, and the Treasurer General, Father Jean-Paul Muller SDP, also collaborated.

Three companies from different places did the dubbing, starting with Rome, for the Italian version; Los Angeles (United States), for the English version; and Buenos Aires, which have associated companies in Brazil, for the Portuguese version and France for the French version.

The movie is available on the channel Youtube From the Salesian Bulletin in Argentina and soon also accessed through the site under construction for the following Saint Artémides Zatti and ANS.

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