At least two dead in the biggest fire this year – Uno TV

At least two dead in the biggest fire this year – Uno TV
California, United States: At least two killed in this year's biggest fire
The authorities are working to put out the fire. Photo: AFP

Firefighters continue to fight in the north from California, United States, Against the largest fire of the year in the state who leaves At least two dead after doubling its extension over the weekend, This forced the authorities to evacuate thousands of people.

Fire grows in California, USA

Driven by strong winds and thunderstorms, The Makeni Fire destroyed 21,245 hectares of Klamath National Forest.near Yreka, according to the authorities; Sunday night I continued to advance uncontrollably.

  • California and other areas of the western United States Devastated by massive wildfires for a long time, the product of years of drought exacerbated by climate change.

McInnesThe one that broke out on Friday near the Oregon border, is the biggest fire California Forest So far in 2022, though, it is still smaller than Dixie, which last year devoured nearly 400,000 hectares.

The siskiyou county sheriff’s office It stated that firefighters found two bodies on Sunday inside a burning car at the entrance to a house in the district of Klamath River.

  • apparently, The couple were trapped by the fire while trying to escapeSheriff Jeremiah LaRue told the network. ABC.

emergency services office California reported that more than 2,000 residents Of the rural areas of the region were under evacuation orders, mostly in Siskiyou County.

A spokeswoman for the county mayor’s office said, quoting the media, that the fire destroyed more than a hundred buildings – including homes, a grocery store and a community center – in the Yerika district, although it did not reach the city of about 7 thousand 800 people. .

  • nail 650 people worked to put out the fireAccording to the National Wildfire Coordination Group.

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Saving people by fire in California

Search and rescue teams evacuate 60 people hiking Pacific Crest PathAnd the According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Oregon.

  • The California Fire Department stated that the causes of the fire are being investigated.

The statement said that the thick smoke helped limit the spread of the fire on Sunday, but on the other hand prevented many firefighting planes from taking off. US Forest Service (USFS).

  • Scientists confirm that Climate change is causing more and more frequent heat waves. The intensity that causes forest fires.

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