Athletics: surprises Jacob Ingbrigtsen and wins gold in the 5000m

Athletics: surprises Jacob Ingbrigtsen and wins gold in the 5000m

TheFirst medal from last year World Championships in Athletics was in the hands of Norway, Jakob Ingebrigtsen made a smart run to win the 5000mHe overcame African runners who were surprised by the Norwegian’s strength and endurance.

During most of the competition, it was the Kenyans who set the pace for the test Behind him lies Ingberstein, As well as Olympic champion Joshua Cheptegei who was also waiting for the right moment to start his attack, Only this time the strategy did not work with Uganda.

In the last 800 meters came the definition of the test, in the battle for first place many candidates appeared, including Grant Fisher of the United States who participated in the fightingHowever, at the time of reaching the last 200 metres, Jakob Ingbrigtsen hit the gas pedal to leave his rivals behind and go solo to the end to finish the match in a time of 13.09.24Kenya’s Jacob Krupp remains in second place and Uganda’s Oskar Chelemo in third place. Special reference to Guatemalan Luis Grijalva who took fourth place.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen adds an unexpected title to his collection, including the 1500m gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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