Awakening to luxury, to the luxury factor

Awakening to luxury, to the luxury factor

Rosalind Ballesteros

The science of happiness

The Covid-19 virus has awakened the awakening to the issue of well-being at work; Towards that need to move organizations into what we call well-being factor.

Deloitte and Workplace Intelligence conducted a study in the US, UK, Canada and Australia in February of this year. Published last June, it revealed that 76% of senior management in organizations consider the pandemic to have affected their well-being.

Today, 70% of these CEOs are considering changing jobs if their welfare conditions improve. Yes, this group of C-Suites, whom most consider spoiled, do not rule out change.

So it’s no coincidence that 91% of corporate members, employees or senior management consider improving this aspect of their lives a personal priority this year.

We can stop lamenting that “how did we realize, until a plague of this kind fell upon us, that we could look forward to better conditions to be happy.”

The Deloitte study shows that reality is largely a product of our perceptions. The majority of senior executives see that their work affects the well-being of their collaborators, and 80% that their employees improve; However, only 56% of employees believe that their CEOs care about their well-being.

It contains interesting data that, although not collected in Mexico or in Latin American countries, serves as a guide to assess what we are doing.

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As leaders, we can state that we are aware of new leadership practices, and the promotion of welfare issues in organisations, but the truth is that collaborators do not view them in the same way.

This data seems to suggest that CEOs care more about their own well-being than their collaborators. It may be a wrong perception, it would be better to measure it.

For over a year at the University of Tecmilenio’s Institute of Wellbeing and Happiness Sciences, along with Business Insider, we have launched our signature program well-being factor; This is given free of charge to companies with healthy environments.

To get it, you have to undergo an assessment that measures organizational well-being; leadership with a positive approach; The positive environment, and whether the work is beneficial to those who do it.

If we start from the vision of the heads, then everything is fine and there is not much to improve; If we look at it from the perspective of collaborators, we experience action in an emergency situation.

What is not measured cannot be improved.

After the pandemic, after these awakenings to what work represents in our lives, it is worth taking stock of yourself and looking for it well-being factor It can make the real difference between realization and real well-being.

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