Baseball 11-12 – Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the United States advance to the semifinals

The teams of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the United States and Mexico will compete this Tuesday for tickets to the final series of the tenth edition of the US Under-12 Baseball Championship, which is being successfully held at the Olympic Center. Softball Courts Juan Pablo Duarte.

The Creole representative will face Puerto Rico, while the United States will meet Mexico in the semi-finals of the tournament, in which six countries participate (Guatemala and Venezuela are excluded) and dedicated to the former President of the Republic, engineer Hipólito Mejía Dominguez.

Before the match between the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans, the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, will launch the first pitch

During Monday, representatives of the Dominicans, the Americans, and Mexico succeeded in their respective commitments.

The tricolor squad beat Venezuela twice 10-3, while beating Guatemala 25-3 to end the regular series unbeaten (5-0).

Meanwhile, the United States beat Guatemala 28-17, in a match held at the Liga Deportiva Mercedes, in La Vie expansion. In this match, Justin Mercedes collided with two hosts and led in six games to be the main player in attack.

Yahel Jimenez played a no-hit match without a run to lead the Mexican team to a 10-0 victory over Puerto Rico in a match played at No. 2 Softball Stadium at Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

Jimenez made four high-quality innings, hitting five hits and only giving up twice. Face a total of 15 players.

The new Mexican bowler had offensive support from teammate Cristian Moreno, who drove in three runs, while Ruben Delgado shot three times and drove in one lap.

The loss fell to Achilles Rivera, who had five runs.

During yesterday’s session, Venezuela beat Puerto Rico 14-8 to claim their first win in the tournament.

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