“Between the Lines” / Carlos Peña’s letter to the state governor…

“Between the Lines” / Carlos Peña’s letter to the state governor…

By: LIC. Georgy Arano

The property of Reynosa Mayor Carlos Peña Ortiz has always been evident in calling things by their name, making signature in the time and form in which unfair or illegal events occur, and he gave today a letter the progress of the construction of the Municipal Center for the interest of immigrants, but the most Significance was sincere in his request, he is making the second call to the state government to support the relocation of immigrants stranded in the Plaza de la Republica to have a chance to be in better conditions with their families.

The second contact was the governor of Tamaulipas, Francesco, García Cabeza de Vaca, to participate by providing support as a government project in the transfer of these thousands of migrants, explaining that it is not a problem in this case. Meters of fence have been built at the border, offices for the legal, medical, psychological, social and nutritional care of these immigrants, all with own city council resources, American organizations, as well as civil society organizations in Reynosa, so far the government of Tamaulipas does nothing to support the thousands of families stuck on these Borders awaiting political asylum.

There are Russian families, Ukraine, Belarusian, Congo, Cameroon, Ecuador, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica and Cuba. Haiti, of the countries from all over the world that have finally come to wait in Reynosa for the outcome of their application for political asylum by the US government, there are 7,200 immigrants registered by the Senda de Vida Immigrant Center run by Reverend Hector Silva, there are already cases of minors Who come without their parents, they are given all the necessary care.

It is a national security problem for both Mexico and the United States government. Thousands of immigrants will be in front of the public square that addresses the International Bridge of Hidalgo, and it is necessary to transport them to the new municipality. Water and electricity service, patios so that children can play or play sports outdoors, and there will also be places where they can sleep in better conditions, which is a different scenario from the one they used to live in tents. As there is only room for one person, it has really been a job for months and a government responsibility without the involvement of the state government, at this time Mayor Reynosa Carlos Peña is calling for partisan colors to be set aside to join efforts on this humanitarian issue.

Only the response of the government of Tamaulipas is waiting for this request respectfully made today by the constitutional president of REYNOSA CARLOS PEÑA ORTIZ, of course, the government of Tamaulipas can help their brothers from other countries to find a safer place to live with their children, away from wars that put their lives at risk, It’s just a sensitive issue as human beings.

In another order of thoughts, Altamira Mayor Armando Martinez was publicly shown today by businessman Adolfo Latosovki Luna because in a political campaign, he made a moral treatment of a man, not a gentleman. For his part, the individual achieved what they agreed upon, he appeared today with machines in the Altamira Palace where he laid himself with a blanket asking him to fulfill the words of honor he had pledged, but the mayor of Altamira Armando Martinez seems to have a very solid coincidence and so far ignore the prosecution, there is not the slightest Doubt that there are miscreants within politics, some longer than others, as in this case which took place today in the metropolitan area, let us see if the unexecuted contracts of Governor Armando Martinez do not accumulate.

In Rio Bravo, the Director of COMAPA CP EDGAR OLVERA first denied the rumors and information circulating around social networks that the electricity service had been suspended, this arose due to a verified CFE unit that was immediately resolved but they were not in arrears with their payments, they reported that More than 200 valves have been installed to improve service, these valves have been in place for decades, their aging caused sometimes the water a little turbid, and they are removed little by little, really a very necessary task.

Tamaulipico Senator d. FAUSTINO LOPEZ VARGAS continues to carry out media rallies in 43 municipalities of the state to educate residents about the benefits that the electrical reform will bring, part of the fourth diversion requested by the Mexicans who lead the government Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, next Saturday, April 9, will be held in Reynosa at 12: 00 noon in the Union of Waiters, in every city where it was held, Tamaulipas expressed his support for this presidential initiative.

Today Head of the DIF-REYNOSA System, LIC. Avellina Escobar Isasi asked DIF-TAMAULIPAS to participate in actions to help immigrant children who are in Reynosa, there are hundreds of children who need our support all, and this request was submitted weeks ago to the State Department. The government did not respond, there are many measures that the state sponsorship of the integrated family development system can take.

Precisely today the municipal administration of Morena in the Rio Bravo has been completed, Mayor Hector Joel Villegas “El Calabazo” has been cut from the bread, and at first he faces a more serious problem by seizing homes not only from the first square of the city but from neighborhoods and towns , it took about 3 months to fully normalize, it was necessary to buy trucks, rent units and enable those in the parking lot, as well as with public lighting, the department of public works to improve night lighting service, cover potholes, and keep the city clean, a gigantic effort that continues Until today by a responsible human team in the 2021-2024 government that can be extended until 2027 if things continue as they have done so far.

I had to have a conversation with MAYOR HECTOR JOEL VILLEGAS TODAY when he walked the streets of the colonies in search of the vote to be the Federal Representative during his campaign, and drew a fully compact machine, to a certain extent, with a certain amount of resources under the rays I remember him saying to me, ‘I am not a politician , but I participated in this because I am tired of seeing how they come, ask to vote, win and never come back, forget people, today I am convinced he will not make this mistake, you know why, the answer is your parents, a devout couple, they always taught you to work in the fields, and tell the truth , and never looking at people from over your shoulder or down, but at shoulder height, that is, not losing ground because of vanity or self-centeredness, feelings that corrupted man from his origin.

VALLE HERMOSO fair concluded satisfactorily, as there were days of healthy fun for all families, introductions to music groups, art festivals, craft benches, and Mexican snacks in town added by Dr. Today, the leader of the National Action Party continues to honor those who put their trust in him, the paving of the streets is progressing, the sewage network is being rehabilitated where it collapsed due to its antiquity, and the city is now. She keeps it clean in both public spaces and popular neighborhoods, including the towns of Embalme, Anahuac, Rialetto, and Maguyuz.

The association of the Autonomous University of Tamalepas with the community is enduring, as evidenced by the 150 teams of children playing football for the children participating in the 2022 UAT Cup, there are 07 categories in addition to the participation of mothers, from the family that are integrated into the games that create an atmosphere of harmony, emphasized the President The University of UAT Guillermo Mendoza Cavazos during his administration that he will continue the kind of events that have been carried out in the last thirty years with excellent results.

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