Blue Box Chapter 106: Spoiler, Raw Scan, & Release Date Updates

Blue Box Chapter 106

Blue Box Chapter 106

Blue Box, a brilliant manga series penned by Kouji Miura, is storming the manga world with its refreshing take on the intertwined world of love and sports. Since its debut in 2021, this heart-warming coming-of-age love story has touched the hearts of manga enthusiasts worldwide, pushing boundaries and embracing the complexities of youth, ambition, and love.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapters: 105
  • Release Date: June 25, 2023
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Romantic comedy, & Sports
  • Where to Read: Viz

Popularity of the Show

The popularity of Blue Box is no surprise to anyone who has come across this beautifully illustrated manga. The captivating narrative centers around Taiki Inomata and Chinatsu Kano, two young athletes balancing their sporting ambitions with the complexity of their blossoming relationship. The series is popular not only in Japan but also worldwide, a testament to its universal appeal. The relatable characters, engaging plot, and stunning artwork have led to its global acclaim.

Release Date of Blue Box Chapter 106

The latest chapter, Blue Box Chapter 106, is scheduled for release on June 25, 2023, sending waves of anticipation among fans. The series, serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, continues to captivate its readers with every new chapter. Manga enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the next slice of life in Taiki and Chinatsu’s unique love story.

Cast of Blue Box Chapter 106

The characters in Blue Box are the soul of this manga. Taiki Inomata, the male protagonist, is a passionate badminton player who juggles between his dream of making it to the Nationals and his feelings for Chinatsu. Chinatsu Kano, the female protagonist, is a stellar basketball player balancing her own ambitions with the subtle influence of Taiki’s presence in her life.

Blue Box Chapter 106 Spoiler

Chapter 106 is expected to continue the journey of Taiki and Chinatsu as they navigate through their respective sports and evolving relationship. As Taiki strives to recover and get back on the court, Chinatsu’s basketball journey is expected to take exciting turns. The chapter will likely delve deeper into their emotions and challenges, painting a vivid picture of their lives.

 Blue Box Chapter 105 Recap

Chapter 105 of Blue Box is a crucial part of the story’s ongoing narrative, shedding light on Taiki’s tireless pursuit of excellence and Chinatsu’s unwavering dedication towards basketball.

The chapter begins by showcasing Taiki’s relentless pursuit of his dreams – his ambitions reaching fever pitch as he trains arduously for badminton while maintaining a commendable academic performance. This dual pressure, however, takes a significant toll on his health, leading him to faint from exhaustion and end up in the hospital.


The news of Taiki’s hospitalization jolts everyone, but it’s the impact on Chinatsu that the narrative skillfully explores. Her concern for Taiki, skillfully veiled under her nonchalant exterior, begins to seep through, lending the chapter an air of quiet tension. The event serves as a catalyst, sparking off deeper introspection within Chinatsu about her feelings for Taiki.

Meanwhile, readers gain more insight into Chinatsu’s journey in this chapter. As a rising basketball player, she exhibits a deep dedication to her sport. Her passion, perseverance, and grit are evident in the grueling practices she willingly puts herself through. Yet, there’s a subtle shift in her character – a softening around the edges – that seems to stem from Taiki’s influence on her life. Her interactions with Taiki serve to humanize her, showing a more vulnerable and caring side of her.

The chapter then delivers a stunning cliffhanger – Taiki, recovering in the hospital, contemplating his feelings for Chinatsu, and realizing the significance of his dreams.

He comes to understand that his aspirations aren’t solely based on becoming a badminton champion or even impressing Chinatsu. Instead, his dreams revolve around creating a balance where his love for badminton coexists harmoniously with his growing feelings for Chinatsu.

The dramatic conclusion of Chapter 105 leaves readers with bated breath, wondering whether Taiki will recover quickly to continue his journey to the Nationals. The chapter also leaves lingering questions about the future of Taiki and Chinatsu’s relationship – will it continue to be an unspoken bond, or will it evolve into something more profound?

In essence, Chapter 105 of Blue Box serves as an emotional rollercoaster for both the characters and the readers, teeming with drama, passion, and deep-seated emotions. It sets up a tantalizing narrative for Chapter 106, ensuring that the fans are eagerly looking forward to the next installment in this heartwarming series.

Raw Scan Release for Blue Box Chapter 106

Fans always find raw scans to be a fascinating prelude to the officially translated chapter. These raw scans for Chapter 106 are likely to be released around June 22, 2023, serving as an appetizer before the main course. However, fans are always encouraged to wait for the official release.

Ratings of the Show

Blue Box enjoys high ratings in the manga world, reflective of its popularity and critical acclaim. It has consistently been rated highly on various manga platforms. Readers appreciate the unique blend of romance and sports, further complemented by stunning artwork and character development.

Review of the Show

Blue Box is a beautifully crafted manga that tugs at the heartstrings while keeping readers engaged with sports’ thrill. The characters are well-rounded, relatable, and undergo significant growth as the series progresses. The balance between sports and romance is maintained meticulously, with neither overshadowing the other.

Where to Read

The series is officially available on, a popular platform known for its vast collection of manga series. Readers can enjoy various features like zooming, toggling between single and double-page formats, and adding bookmarks.


Blue Box is a unique blend of romance and sports, captivating readers with its engaging storyline and beautifully crafted characters. With the release of Chapter 106 just around the corner, fans can’t wait to see what new twists await Taiki and Chinatsu’s journeys. For those who haven’t started reading Blue Box, now is the time to catch up and dive into this world of dreams, love, and sports. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a romantic at heart, Blue Box has something for everyone.

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