Brandon Davis shines with Uganda in a full controversy over the windows


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Alex Molina Perillo

28 / November / 21 14:10

Alex Molina Perillo

Azulgrana plays for the African country with the club’s permission, a very different situation from Sertac Sanli, who did not get permission from Barcelona to join Turkey.

by Alex Molina / [email protected]

Qualification periods for national championships have always been controversial and November will be no exception. The feud has always ended between the Euroleague and FIBA, which means that the best players on each team cannot represent their country in qualifying matches, a situation that benefits no one but to which there appears to be no close solution.

Barcelona has been the most popular club in recent days by two players who have gone through very different situations. Certak Sanli, Barcelona’s Turkish player, did not receive permission from FC Barcelona to attend his team’s invitation to Sunday’s crucial match against the United Kingdom. The decision caused an uproar in the Ottoman Empire, to the extent that the Turkish Basketball Association issued a statement criticizing Barcelona.

Barcelona weren’t by far the only team that didn’t give up their players in this qualifying period. Although there are some exceptions such as Shengelia, it is normal that Euroleague and Eurocup clubs do not allow their players to play these matches, because in some cases they coincide with international competitions at the club level. But the big controversy came from the fact that Barcelona granted Brandon Davies permission to travel to Africa to play for Uganda.

In a decision agreed since September, the Barcelona center went to the country’s plea to be allowed not to take a place outside the community, a decision which meant he had to miss the match against Zalgiris in the Euroleague. Davies has already played two of his three matches, and has signed some great performances: 24 points, 16 rebounds and 5 assists in 37 minutes In the victory over Mali Friday and 27 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists in 36 minutes In victory also over Cape Verde on Saturday. Davis’ African adventure will end on Sunday with the third game in three days, a game against Nigeria that Uganda has been quietly facing from its previous two victories.

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