Bringing science and innovation closer together, the goal of the Pfizer Foundation

Bringing science and innovation closer together, the goal of the Pfizer Foundation

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In the past decade, the momentum of science has helped advance progress
Medical and technological alike years ago did not think it possible. This scientific and innovative development has seen a period of extreme splendor in the past two years. The Covid-19 virus has highlighted the importance of science and innovation in the progress of society. In turn, in recent years, the number of organizations, especially in the field of health, that has promoted a greater number of projects to bring science and innovation closer to society has increased.

This is the case in Pfizer Foundation. For more than 20 years, this entity has worked to advance science, technology and innovation and demonstrate its potential to the Spanish population to respond to the needs of the system in the interest of community health and well-being.

“At Pfizer, we develop differently projects to promote scientific innovation, Technological and social and show them in turn People closely related to us Sciences. It is a way to appreciate various innovations, thus promoting careers Science in Children and Young People »explain sergio RodriguezPresident of the Pfizer Foundation.

Health Guardians 2030
In this sense, one of the projects that makes Pfizer the proudest is Health Guardians 2030, an initiative through which it seeks to bring science closer to the young. It is educational work in schools to advance steam careers (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, for short in English) through creativity, communication, and teamwork.

Health Guardians 2030 aims to bring science closer to the youngest

In addition to stimulating the development of personal skills, this project allows students to become familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), proposed by the 2030 UN General Assembly, in a fun and entertaining way, allowing them to integrate new qualities and knowledge through the well-known Minecraft video game.

The 2021-2022 academic year witnessed the second edition, in which 5,250 students from 70 schools across Spain participated, which culminated last May with a ceremony to present awards to the winning teams in primary and secondary education. They all stood out for their ability to solve challenges, their ability to communicate and respond to challenges in an innovative way, among other qualities.

knowledge to live
Another project launched by the Pfizer Foundation in 2022 is Science to Live by, a documentary with a triple goal: to show the work of a scientist and her day-to-day work to the public, to break stereotypes about the personality of a researcher in Spain and to serve as inspiration to advance scientific advocacy among young people.

The audiovisual work includes real references, young professionals who have chosen science as their future career and who want to show young people what the reality of scientific research looks like. As the lead protagonist in “Science to Live It” is Iris Simón, a doctoral student at Genyo, Pfizer-University Center of Granada-Andalusian Government for Genomics and Oncology. Pakozoico, which works in the field of science publishing, also collaborated. “Profiles like Iris and Pakozoico allow us to reach younger people and bring them closer to scientific careers, since, on many occasions, Because of the lack of references, they can perceive the genre professions as unattractive, Rodriguez confirms.

The entity promotes science, technology and innovation

Supporting entrepreneurial talent
For Pfizer, innovation is a key element in the search for new services, processes or systems that serve the needs of patients and the health system as a whole, taking into account the technological revolution in which we are living and in which we are living. It has a noticeable footprint in almost all sectors and aspects of daily life. For this reason, it supports entrepreneurs and startups in the search for innovative solutions in the field of health. In this sense, it has various support programs for entrepreneurial talent, such as the “e-Dea Salud Challenge” or “Innomakers4Health”, which in each edition challenge entrepreneurs to find technological solutions to unresolved issues in the social and health field.

“At the Foundation, we aim to continue working on these and other projects, as well as create new initiatives, which translate into practical application for the benefit of people to bring scientific progress closer to them, technological and social. Through all our programs we seek to generate greater interest in science and innovation, and at the same time, contribute to giving it the necessary impetus so that it forms part of the response to current and future needs »Sergio Rodriguez concludes.

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