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In the last years, buy a house in the usa, More than a necessity, it has become a trend among Colombians, especially if it is in areas of Hispanic affluence, such as Florida.

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This is evidenced by data such as that of Miami Realtors Association, Which revealed that in June 2022, Colombians led the search for real estate purchases in South Florida, surpassing countries such as Argentina, Spain and Venezuela.

Jennifer Bernal A woman from Bogotá who works as a real estate agent in Florida explains that when buying real estate, there are two types of buyer profiles: the investor who seeks immigration stability and the capitalist who brings wealth from Colombia and is dedicated to making real estate investments. that generates profitability.

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Of course, despite the growing trend, there is still a lot of ignorance about what to do when it comes to achievement house in the United States And, by esp. Bernal makes a series of recommendations:

1. Get advice from a specialist in “real estate”, To have the knowledge and experience to remove all potential investor doubts. This is extremely important because it allows people to make better decisions.

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2. Consider the expenses that you will incur as a result of purchasing the property.

3. Learn about taxes that are handled in the states and the amount you will have to pay when arriving at the properties.

4. Determine the financing model that you will use to acquire the property. Decide if you will pay it in cash or through another payment method.

5. Check whether the investment It helps you to get some immigration status. For example, getting E-2 or EB-5 visas.

6. Investment support through a limited liability company (a type of community settling in the United States).

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7. Appointing a chartered accountant.

Finally, keep in mind that in cities like Miami and Orlando a house can cost between $400,000 and $600,000.


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