Cali 2022: IAAF Under-20 World Championships 2022: Finals summary and result in Cali: Da 6

Cali 2022: IAAF Under-20 World Championships 2022: Finals summary and result in Cali: Da 6

Theleg The moment the curtain falls on the Under-20 World Championships in AthleticsOr, after six days of agitation and exploits with promises of athletics, the party is over in Cali and The United States closed in on a boom, taking two more golds to secure first place in the medal table. Above Jamaica which came close to matching them at the top. This is how we review the last finals in Cali 2022.

US Kings of the Relay 4×400

At first, women came out to defend their dominance Without problems, they took the gold in a test where they outpaced the Jamaican women by about 3 seconds. The men were not far behind and in a show of strength claimed the titlein order to give themselves the luxury of slowing down in the final stage, and crown themselves as world champions in this category.

Jamaica closes strong with gold in 110 hurdles

Jamaica did not keep their arms crossed and also sought to significantly close their engagement, Kerrica Hill and Alexis James were responsible for controlling the 110 hurdles test, keeping the gold and test record, as well as the silver medal.While Hungarian Anna Toth managed to climb to the podium and took the bronze medal.

African domination in the women’s 5000m race

Ethiopia applied a great strategy to win gold and silver in the 5000m event, where Isa Town outperformed its compatriot queens and light in a dramatic end Who had to settle for the silver medal. The African podium was completed by Scarlet Chebet from Uganda.

Ethiopia gold 800 meters

Another test that was part of the sixth day program was the 800m test where Ermias Girma achieved an impressive result, and the Ethiopian managed to preserve the gold medal by defeating Haitham Shenatif of Algeria. who took second place.

Other heroes

In discus, Germany bowed elegantly with gold and silver in discus, Marius Kargis took first place, followed by Mika Sosna. Carmen Bruce of Estonia becomes the high jump championwhile in the triple jump Sharifa Davronova got gold In a test in which Venezuelan Fernanda Maeta was about to climb to the podium.

in this way She crowned the 2022 edition of the World Under-20 Championship in Athleticsa party where we got to see a lot of athletes that we will definitely continue to see shine in the next world and Olympic Games.

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