Can be purchased at 175,000 ATMs in the US

Currently, as recorded by ATMRadar . coinin the United States There are already more than 34,000 ATMs that allow you to buy cryptocurrency. But soon, thanks to the new alliance between Hyosung America and DigitalMint, the number of ATMs with this service available will reach 175,000. From the payment services company, Hyosung AmericaThey also expressed their enthusiasm for this initiative, which will bring cryptocurrency closer to the public.

On the other hand, the growth of Bitcoin ATMs is A worldwide phenomenon. In addition to the United States, other companies have recently announced the installation of this type of service in countries such as Mexico, Honduras and Paraguay.

How will this new service work?

From the companies involved in installing this new service, they explained that buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies You will work in the app store they will launch inside their ATM.

In addition, to understand how this new system works, they explained that the possibility of introducing it will be available but that later It will depend on each ATM operator It was decided to do so. This is the option It will be available on the App Store for download It will depend on each operator if they decide to offer this cryptocurrency service.

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