Capture the amazing passage of a meteor over Argentina and Chile

Capture the amazing passage of a meteor over Argentina and Chile

Optical phenomenon is very similar to a fireball The skies of several provinces in the Argentine province of Mendoza crossed, as well as the sky of the capital of Chile at dawn today, Thursday. It was a meteor that lit up the night in that geographical point for a few seconds to end its descent on Andes Mountains.

A Chilean Twitter user shared on his account a video of the fireball that fell on the town of Pinalolin Sur, a town east of Santiago de Chile. Corico wrote in his post: “Meteorite view over Chile, thanks to Lidrium cameras (Trans-Andean Internet Corporation)”.

In the stunning image, the above-mentioned city can be seen from afar at night, with all its lights, and suddenly, in the upper left quadrant, A white luminous ball that explodes in an instant and expands Until the whole sky lights up and then weakens until it disappears on the horizon.

In the upper right quadrant of the same image you can read the day and time of the meteorological phenomenon that stunned everyone who was lucky enough to realize it: July 7, 2022, 5:44 am.

The dazzling image of the object shining in the sky over the Andes mountain range quickly spread, and was reproduced by various Argentine and Chilean media.

“We are in the presence of a natural phenomenon Very beautiful, very striking and very cheerful. The academic at the Department of Astronomy at the University of Concepcion, Dr. Ricardo Demarco Lopez, said to the official website of that postgraduate center.

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“It is about the fall of a fireball, a solid and rocky object that was orbiting in space and which in its path met our planet and fell attracted by the Earth’s gravity, and it comes at a high speed with friction with the Earth’s atmosphere “causing this object to heat up and disintegrate,” the astronomer explained.

Demarco Lopez estimated that given the car’s size, It could be a meteorite. Along the same lines, goes the astronomer and researcher at the Department of Astronomy at the same university, Sando Vilanova, who calculated that, because it is a small stone, one must speak of a meteorite. “It is likely that the fireball was the size of a small stone, which, due to its speed, when it enters the atmosphere, catches fire and reaches very high temperatures of thousands of degrees and completely evaporates.”

That is, when there are no traces of a fireball on Earth, it is a meteorite. On the other hand, if an element that crosses the sky is “a little bit bigger, about the size of a football, and manages to survive in Earth’s atmosphere and reach Earth, then we should be talking about a meteorite,” he said.

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He explained that in these cases, the right thing to do was to talk about a meteorite. But “if it’s a little bit bigger, like the size of a football, and it manages to survive the Earth’s atmosphere and reach Earth, then we have to talk about a meteorite.” The meteorite, upon reaching the Earth, forms a crater due to the force with which it strikes.

According to Los Andes newspaper from Mendoza, many witnesses Atmospheric phenomenon From the provinces of Maipú, San Martín, Godoy Cruz, Tunuyán, Lavalle and Luján de Cuyo in that province they heard the arrival of the meteor as if it were the sound of thunder. In addition, a similar luminous body has been reported in Mexico and New Zealand.

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