Carrillo stressed that the United States wants to measure itself against gold in Mexico

Giovanni Carrillocoach of the women’s team located in Globalismstressing that due to the conversations he had with his counterparts from United StateThey wanted to measure themselves before Mexico In the gold medal match.

“Everyone is so happy to see us here at World ChampionshipAnd the Everyone was waiting for our arrival. Talk to my coach United State Think and want Mexico He was in the final to win the gold, they thought it would be, but unfortunately those are things we can’t control. Now we focus on what’s next. “The support we received from the FIFA Committee was very good,” he said. register Over the phone.

Remember that the fitted women’s national soccer team was unable to travel on July 27 as scheduled and had to do so until Saturday 30, the day they scheduled their first game against Britain. For obvious reasons no commitment was made and the Mexicans lost the duel at the table.

Currently Mexico It will be measured this Sunday very early Germany At the meeting where the fifth and sixth places are determined. Although it is a game in which they only want to appear in order to win and prove the level of competitiveness that exists in our country.

“The girls are very focused, and very much in common with what we came for, which is a show of talent, American football that is played in Mexico. He concluded by saying that the girls are training well, very involved in what they have to do and just waiting for Sunday to be able to face Germany and achieve the result we all want.”

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