Cesar Morales finished 23rd at the IAAF Under-20 World Championships – El Sol de San Luis

Cesar Morales, of Potosi, came into play at the 19th World Championships in Athletics “Cali 2022”, placing 23rd on the 3000m hurdles track, so it wasn’t enough for him to reach the final.

Morales Monreal had to compete in the first stroke (of two) alongside 36 other runners from various countries such as Poland, Australia, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Morocco, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, the United States, among others.

The top 15 qualified for the final, so Cesar Daniel had to be between first and 15th, a situation that didn’t happen and the pace was impressive lap after lap in the 3k.

During the competition, the athlete from Potosi was in the middle of all the competitors, and although his conclusion was very dedicated, it was only enough for him to take 23rd place with a time of 9 minutes 11 seconds and 70 hundredths, three seconds of second place remained The twenty that was Tomer Moallem, from Israel, 9:08.19, and away from the fifteenth given by Cesare Kayani of Italy with 9:02:36, to advance to the final.

The top three in the test were Samuel Dogona of Ethiopia with 8:44.83, Aaron Kibet of Kenya with 8:47.25, and Thomas Habarta of the Czech Republic with 8:47.36, the record for his country.

It is worth noting that another Mexican, Roberto Angel Marquez, also participated in the first blow, which took the 35th place, penultimate, with a time of 9: 33.02, so Cesar Daniel of the Mexican delegation was the best in the tournament. a test.

For the Potosi man, his presence at his first Under-20 World Cup represents the accumulation of experience and successes as he continues to achieve success by qualifying for international and world events, as was the case with his participation in March 2021 at Pan. – American Field Championship.. Naughty in Brazil.

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