Chad Valdes’ son will face several tournaments in the United States and El Salvador

tennis player Chad Valdes Jr. He continues his training before participating in August in the tournaments in United States, El Salvador And he will come back to play Arc of PanamaWhich will be held on the clay courts of the Fred Maduro Center in Corondo.

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Valdes Jr., will travel to the United States To face tournaments valid for ranking (USTA)Next to The International Tennis Federation (ITF) Junior World Championships In Cuscatatlecan lands from 15 to 20 August.

Then back to the country for panama bowl Which will take place from August 27 in the presence of players from different countries of the world.

Chad Valdes Jr. Who has been included in the team since last year Panama Davis Cup, To gain experience, keep training hard with the group.

On the other hand, his father Chad Valdez, fromWho is his coach stated that he is working on getting important points in a tour ITF As in the American ranking.

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“Since last Wednesday, we made the decision,” he added Chad Valdes Jr. Finish your high school online, so you can devote full time to your tennis career and thus be able to train abroad, travel and compete year-round without interruption on the tennis circuit.ENIS ITF‘ confirmed the coach.

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