Chainsaw Man Chapter 135: Release Date, Raw Scans & Spoiler Updates

chainsaw man chapter 135

chainsaw man chapter 135

Unleashing the beast of imagination, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man has been ripping through the hearts of manga enthusiasts worldwide. This manga series, with its grim yet captivating storyline and an intriguing blend of characters, has successfully established a milestone in the genre of dark fantasy. With its escalating tension and unpredictable narrative turns, the anticipation for the upcoming Chainsaw Man Chapter 135 is soaring high. So, buckle up, manga maniacs! Let’s dive into what lies ahead.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter: 134
  • Release Date: July 4, 2023
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Action, Comedy & Fantasy
  • Where to Read: Viz Media or Manga Plus

Popularity of the Show

Since its first publication in 2018, Chainsaw Man has successfully garnered a massive fan base worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why. The ingenious storyline featuring Denji, a debt-ridden young man who becomes a devil hunter, has captivated the minds of manga enthusiasts worldwide. The unique blend of intense action, psychological intricacies, and dark fantasy has won Chainsaw Man rave reviews, making it one of the most sought-after manga series globally.

Release Date of Chainsaw Man Chapter 135

The countdown for Chainsaw Man Chapter 135 has begun, with fans eagerly waiting for the release slated for July 04, 2023. As the clock ticks down, fans’ excitement for the new chapter amplifies, waiting to see how the story further unfolds. As always, the release timings may vary according to different time zones and regions. Don’t forget to check your local time for the latest updates.

Cast of Chainsaw Man Chapter 135

The character line-up remains consistent with the story’s progression. The spotlight continues to shine on Denji, the Chainsaw Man, Makima – the controlling Demon, and Nayuta – the Demon known for control. Anticipation builds as fans await the escalating tension between Denji and Makima, while Nayuta’s evolving character adds another layer to the story’s complexity.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 135 Spoiler

As we eagerly await Chainsaw Man Chapter 135, it is thrilling to speculate about the potential developments. The escalating tension between Denji and Makima is predicted to dominate the storyline. Meanwhile, Nayuta’s fascinating evolution as a character and his newly demonstrated power over the war demon Yoru sets the stage for intense action and potential power shifts.

 Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 Recap

Chapter 134 of Chainsaw Man served as a vital link in the series’ overarching narrative, introducing us to pivotal plot developments and intricate character dynamics. Let’s unpack the happenings in detail.

The chapter commenced with the Public Safety’s dire objective to prevent the manifestation of Nostradamus’s foreboding prophecy. To this end, Hirofumi Yoshida, a tenacious demon hunter, took center stage. Yoshida, well-known for his knack for dealing with evil spirits, valiantly took on the daunting task of persuading Kiga-chan, the demon of hunger, to lead the strategy.

However, this well-intentioned plan took an unfortunate turn due to a crucial miscalculation on Yoshida’s part. The error resulted in public security turning against the group they had gathered, known as the Anti-Chainsaw Man Demonstration Corps. This unexpected betrayal set the stage for a tense and unpredictable chain of events, leaving the readers on the edge of their seats.

Chapter 134 bingo card
by u/Consoomerofsouls in ChainsawMan

Simultaneously, the Denji family found themselves embroiled in an uneasy situation. Despite their nonchalant exterior, they couldn’t help but feel the hostile vibes radiating from the Anti-Chainsaw Man Demonstration Corps. With Nostradamus’s worst fear looming over their heads, the question arose – who would step up to take on the challenge?

Amidst the rising tension, the spotlight shifted to a new entrant in the fray – Nayuta, the public security demon hunter. Nayuta’s character offered a delightful surprise as she boldly marked her entry in the classroom, an unusual setting for a devil hunter. She actively participated in the classroom dynamics, repeating her affirmatives three times and raising her hand, adding a unique twist to her character.

The chapter’s title, Elementary school student Nayuta, gave the readers a glimpse into Nayuta’s experiences as an elementary school student. This peek into her life offered valuable insights into her character and hinted at her significant role in the upcoming plot developments.

The intricate details sprinkled throughout the chapter, like the calligraphy displaying the word Yume in the classroom, suggested the presence of a ‘Demon of Dreams’ haunting the school. The physical manifestation of the demon hinted that it might be a type of demon that manifests in dreams, commonly known as a dream demon.

As the chapter progressed, Nayuta, who controls other demons, went to an elementary school and assumed the role of Pasiri for the demon who controls others. The narrative took a dramatic turn as Nayuta empathized with the imprisoned dream demon who has the power to control smaller demons. This empathy resonated even more profoundly when it was revealed that Kiga-chan was the dream demon’s sibling.


The dynamic between Nayuta and the dream demon went through a significant transformation. Initially, the dream demon was reluctant to cooperate with Nayuta. But as the narrative unfolded, they recognized the necessity of collaboration. This newfound understanding led to the dream demon agreeing to contribute 20% of their efforts towards helping Kiga-chan, marking a crucial development in the plot.

In a tense face-off, Denji, the Chainsaw Man, battled against Nayuta, the demon known for control. Despite the odds, Denji emerged victorious. In a parallel plotline, Makima, the dominant demon, embarked on a mission to rescue her companions from hell.

The encounter led her face to face with the terrifying demon of darkness. Despite the hardships, including a broken arm, Makima triumphed over the demon of darkness, rescuing her companions successfully.

Amidst the chaotic events, Nayuta proved his power and established his superiority over Makima. He demonstrated that he could exceed Makima’s abilities and exert control over Yoru, the war demon. This demonstration significantly shifted the power dynamics amongst the demons. Even though Denji didn’t express intimidation towards Yoru, he showed a certain level of respect towards Nayuta, perceiving him as a disciplinarian father figure.

Denji harbored hopes for Nayuta to lead a normal life by pursuing a college education. Nayuta’s character arc took a surprising turn when he shared a kiss with Asa, a mutual friend of theirs.

Chapter 134, thus, served as an exciting concoction of drama, tension, and unexpected twists, paving the way for the highly anticipated Chainsaw Man Chapter 135.

Raw Scan Release for Chainsaw Man Chapter 135

For those who can’t resist the suspense and wish to get a glimpse of Chainsaw Man Chapter 135, raw scans have been made accessible by July 01, 2023. Be cautious about the possible inconsistencies in the raw scans which are often in Japanese and may be unofficially translated.

Ratings of the Show

Chainsaw Man has been a crowd-puller right from the start, gaining high ratings from critics and fans alike. Its unique combination of action, drama, psychological themes, and dark fantasy has garnered immense appreciation, making it one of the top-rated manga series in recent years.

Review of the Show

Chainsaw Man brings a breath of fresh air to the manga world with its distinctive storytelling and complex character development. The series has gained popularity for its unapologetic exploration of dark themes and brutal honesty. Fujimoto’s skillful blend of brutal action scenes, psychological struggles, and an intense storyline has been lauded by critics and fans alike.

Where to Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 135?

The most reliable platforms to read Chainsaw Man are Manga Plus and Viz Media, where the manga is available in its entirety. For hardcopy lovers, merchants like Amazon and Barnes & Noble provide access to the series.


In the world of manga, Chainsaw Man has successfully carved out a place for itself with its unique narrative style, intense action sequences, and thought-provoking themes. As fans eagerly await Chainsaw Man Chapter 135, the anticipation escalates for the unpredictable turns this series is famous for. Here’s hoping that the upcoming chapter lives up to the hype and delivers another enthralling installment of this brilliant manga series. Happy reading, manga fanatics!

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