Cineteca Mexiquense celebrates its fourth anniversary

Cineteca Mexiquense celebrates its fourth anniversary

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Toluca, Mexico, August 17, 2022. – On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Centeca Mixense, this visual arts center has selected the screening of “Las noche de oro” (Les nuits en or), an international short film collection awarded by their country academies. during 2021.

From August 23 to 28, the cinema audience will be able to enjoy this original initiative of the French Film Academy, presented to our country by the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMACC).

As part of that, bars from places like South Africa, Belgium, Ukraine, Mexico, Austria, Brazil, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, Romania, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Uganda, Portugal, and the Netherlands, among others.

Likewise, you can see the restored version by Cineteca Nacional, about Río Escondido, by Mexican director Emilio “El Indio” Fernández.

In addition, conferences such as Poetics in the speech of the films “Los Caifanes” and “Wings of Desire” by Carlos Atle will be virtual, and can be seen from the Toluca Audiovisual Center located at Altamirano Street #1017, also broadcasts University of Colonia, Toluca, State of Mexico , to listen to from the comfort of home.

Another show will be “Sexycomedy cinema, a reflection of an era Mexico”, presented by Rosita Bouchot and Obed González. Both thanks to the support of the Mexico Writers Association, AC.
In the context of this celebration, Carlos Cortes will visit Cineteca Mexiquense to speak on the topic “Telling Stories through Audio”.

For those interested in the topic of film archive restoration, Specialist Neila Kais will present a dedicated workshop, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on August 25 and 26, in Cineteca Mexiquense, and August 27 and 28, at the International Book Fair of the State of Mexico FILEM in Edomex Convention Centre, in Toluca.

In addition to the children’s films shown every day this week in the morning, on Sunday the 28th, at 6:00 pm, moviegoers will be able to enjoy the musical performance of IL FINO, the artistic cast of the United Arab Emirates, about the scarecrow films and one week Directed by Buster Keaton and Edward F Klein. Submission is free.

For details of schedules, titles of films and days of broadcasting of this program, you can follow the social networks of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the State of Mexico on Facebook and Twitter at CulturaEdomex and Cineteca Mexiquense, at @Cineteca

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