Coahuila’s attorney general meets US authorities

Coahuila’s attorney general meets US authorities

Coahuila /

The The Prosecutor of Coahuila Holding a meeting with officials from the officeand national security subordinate United State In the Monterrey Consulate, with a view Enhance cooperation.

about the topicGerardo Marques Guevara cHe said that the topics discussed at the meeting are Strengthening From ResearchAnd the exchange From Information s Objectives main between the two countries.

“Last year we were detained in Coahuila nine people that they have Request #%s From apprehension in the United States “.

He said that although the perception they had of security in Coahuila was good in meetings with US authorities, there were statistics and measurements from the neighboring country that had not been updated in three years.

“Some of the safety standards have not been updated and they have said so,” he said.

In this holiday period, he said, the recommendation made by the attorney general’s office to the public is that they head to the review units for any questions or assistance and to ensure that the entity’s routes are safe.

‘Study by The Mexican Institute of Competitiveness, A. C showed that in Coahuila is the sixth entity Where Mexicans feel safe. He concluded by saying that these results certainly represent a major commitment to boosting the pace of work and continuing to improve the quality of life for all who live here.


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